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From setting goals for balanced living to paving the way to achieving them. This quick and easy course is designed to set you up for success!

Looking for more balance?

Learn the number one system for working moms

At Your Life Rocks, we believe that balance is possible for working moms when you put Jesus first in your life, live in community and implement the systems that allow you to redefine balance for yourself.

Weekly Success Planning is the number one system you can implement for yourself.  In this free course, you’ll learn each step of the process from setting goals to create balance (so you know what success looks like), how to figure out what to do each weekend to set you up for success in reaching the intentions that you set, and how to get it all done so you are not working away on your precious days off.


Planning is self-care and helps you redefine what balance looks like in your life.


Video Training

Watch bite-sized video training that focus on the action to take to implement the Weekly Success Planning System



Workbook to help you create goals for balance and bring your goals into weekly actions for your success

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Get the course and digital weekly checklist and reminders to make this system simple and work for you!

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