7-Week Challenge: Changing Your Perspective on Your Work

7-Week Challenge: Changing Your Perspective on Your Work


Let me ask you a question.

Have you ever lacked motivation to do your work?  Maybe it’s a project at your job, or cleaning the kitchen… we all have those times when we just don’t want to.  When we would rather be doing anything else. It’s totally normal, but highly annoying.

This is what we are focused on for week 6 of our challenge:  Finding the motivation when you just don’t have it in you. If you are new to the show, I’m so glad you found us!  We are doing a summer series all about helping you dive in deeper and use this season to grow, learn, and listen to what God has for you.

I have developed bonus content around each week of this series for you.  I totally realize that many of you are listening to this while you are driving, working, or some other activity where you can’t really take notes.  So, in the bonus content you have the activities that we go through on the show, plus more content to help you get the most from the weekly challenge.

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Last week in the bonus content, there was additional tips and words to use with your boss and with your spouse when you need to create boundaries around your time to give you more white space in your calendar.



Let’s dive into this week’s challenge.  

Work can be a challenge, even if you have your dream job.  Truth is, there is always going to be things we don’t like to do and people we don’t like to interact with.  Sometimes we can think that we are in the wrong job or doing the wrong thing because we have struggles in our work. Every job has it’s things that are not awesome. I really like my job and I am doing things that I enjoy and still there are days that make me crazy.  And while we are going to be talking about your job/career in this episode, what we are talking about really can be applied to everything.

There are all kinds of things that we “do” that we might not love to do.  Things that are not enjoyable. Life isn’t always enjoyable but that isn’t a reason to not do it.  I know you know this. This is why being an adult is hard. But does that mean we have to suffer through it?  Um, I don’t think so.

Suffering has more to do with our perspective than our situation.

When we focus on what we don’t like or don’t want to do, it gets heavier.  It feels bigger and harder to do. That makes us want to avoid it. And procrastination sets in. But what if that wasn’t the case?  What if you could lean into the discomfort, push through and come out the other side with a smile on your face?  That would be pretty rad, right? By the way, I decided to bring the word “rad” back.

So how do you do it?

How to embrace the hard work you just don’t want to do?

How do you handle the people you just don’t want to handle?

Well, welcome to this week’s challenge.  It’s changing your perspective by committing your work to the Lord.  And we started talking about the challenging things, but this is for the good stuff too.  The stuff that you are great at.

It’s easy to give the hard stuff to God… when you can remember to do it.  But we don’t always think to commit the work we love to God. When we do, our work becomes worship. And when we commit our work to God, he takes the burden and makes the work light.  

It’s my prayer that as you go  through the steps of this challenge that God would reveal himself to you in new ways.  That your mind and thoughts toward your job become renewed. That you see with fresh eyes and give you fresh energy toward what you do.

So here are the steps of the challenge for you:

  1. Review the tasks of your position. List them out.  Now, to fully committing your work and your job to the Lord, I recommend printing out your job description for your job for this exercise.  You might need to make adjustments in the margin because I don’t think that I have ever seen a job description that accurately resembles the actual job.

If you work for yourself or you don’t have a job description… write a short one for yourself.  

As a side note that has nothing to do with this challenge, reviewing your job description from time to time can be a very powerful tool. It helps you focus on the things that matter and can make you more effective. It also helps with negotiating a pay raise or other perks when you start to realize all that you do that provides value for your company.

  1. Look for opportunities that you can use to glorify God. Go through your job description and task and identify those things that use your gifts.  Sometimes we glorify the Lord by our work and results in things that are not our strengths or the things that we suffer through.  Let’s be honest. These are the things that we could never do in our own strength. These are the things we really need God for.

  2. Think through the people that you interact with.  How can you be the light for them? Maybe you work with other Christians, how can you support them in their walk?  How can you utilze them in yours? It’s not an accident that you work along side them, so what purpose is there for it?  For those that are not of the same faith, how can you be the reflection of Christ to them?

  3. Once you have asked yourself these questions, thought about it, prayed about it, journal about it… it’s time to take action.

I’m going to get really practical here. This will help you with so much on the job… just this one thing but it’s also a big part of the challenge.  

You may already be doing this, and if you are, you will just make a slight adjustment.

On your work calendar, block off the first 15 minutes of your day with a reoccurring meeting with yourself.  This meeting is to set up your day. It’s a time to review your calendar to see what meetings and appointments you have, what projects you are working on, etc.  I recommend making a little reminder list in the calendar event to remind you what your intentions are for the first 15 minutes. Make one of those intentions to commit your day to the Lord.  It’s a great reminder to pray over the meetings and iterations of your day. To praise God for the blessing of the position you are in… regardless of the position and to ask for what you need in your weaknesses.  Mark the things that you think will be tough that way you can remind yourself to change your perspective and commit the task to God. Do the work for him and not for your boss or your company. Do it for Him.

Just as much as you are asking him to come along side you in your day, you are giving your day to him.  It takes away any expectations for how the day will go. After all, he can use all things for our good. Sometimes that means teaching us lessons or showing us new things about ourselves or others that can be hard to walk through.  But when we have the perspective to see what God wants to do with the situation, well, it changes everything.

I’m excited to see how you will complete this challenge.  Hop on over to our Facebook group or comment on Instagram. Please let me know what you do for work and how you are honoring God by committing your work to him.