Episode 174: Stacking Your Rocks From The Previous Month

Episode 174: Stacking Your Rocks From The Previous Month

Well, the first month of 2019 is in the books.  How was this month for you? Did you move closer to your goals?  Are you living in the intentions that you set at the new year? The funny thing about life is that it moves pretty fast.  We plan, we live and we move on. But the best way to really learn, grow and see what God is doing in our lives is by taking a moment to look back.  In this episode of the Your Life Rocks podcast, that is what we are doing. I will walk you through the steps to take at the end of each month so you can stack the rocks and remember what God brought you through.

Main points from the show:

  • Review the previous month making a list of all the substantial events

  • Take time to think of each one and journal what the significance of the event was.

  • Reflect on what God has done through these events

  • Select 3 things that you did, decisions you made, habits you built that you are proud of and want to continue

  • Select a few things (no more than 3) that God is working on in you.  Like lessons you are learning from the situations of the previous month.

What’s next

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Episode 101: Faith and Prayer at Work

Episode 101: Faith and Prayer at Work


Welcome to the Your Life Rocks Podcast.  Where we believe life balance is possible.  Yes, even for you.  This show is designed to help working moms focus on the things that matter most in life and helping you balance all that life has for you with practical tips from one working mom to another.  My name is Jenny Stemmerman, and I am so glad that you are here to hang out with me today.

Today we are kicking off our new Thursday episode.  Thursday’s shows will be all about helping you take action.

Tuesday of this week was our 100th episode!  That’s 100 episodes of helping working Christian moms create balance and grow in your faith, marriage, parenting, home, career, health, finances, friendships and have some fun along the way.  On the show, we announced a new format for the Your life rocks podcast.  

Going forward, each Tuesday you will get to learn from a guest expert helping us grow in one of the 8 areas of life that we talk about here at Your Life Rocks and on Thursday, you and I will hang out.  Thursday’s shows will be shorter shows that you can dive into and take action.

Today we are talking about faith and your career.  Sometimes as working moms we live our life in silos.  We have our time with God, check.  We get the kids ready for school, check, go to work, check.  Come home and do mom duty, check.  I get it.  It’s what works and helps us stay present and give 100% to what is right in front of us.  Silo living is a good thing…..except when it comes to our faith.  Sometimes we forget to bring it with us into our day.  God becomes an item on our to-do list or something we run to when we need strength, comfort, or hand in our situations.

Have you ever thought about mixing your faith and your career?  Today, I’m going to share three ways that you can do just that.  A special note to our Life Balance Members, all our episodes provide additional bonus resources for you.  For this episode, in the faith area of the resources tab, you will find a worksheet to help you dive a little deeper.  You will also find specific examples, and sample prayers.  If you are not yet a member, you can learn more and start your free 7-day trial by going to LifeBalanceMembership.com

Now, some of this might sound familiar.  A month or so ago I did a video on FB about this exact topic.  But because it’s such an important topic, I wanted to cover it here on the podcast as well.

  1. We have to start with our attitude.  It really does start with our mindset about our job as working moms.  We can sometimes feel guilty about going to work.  We feel guilty about working so far from home, maybe there’s a long commute that you have to do.  Maybe you have to work to contribute to the family and you feel like there is no choice, but it’s not your choice.  Maybe you work because you really enjoy it.  But even if that is the case, there will be days when you don’t.  I don’t know a job out there that is 100% great or 100% bad.  There are days where we just wish we didn’t have to do a task or even go to work or have to work.  

But what if God had you there for a reason?  What if there is a purpose to the job you are doing right now in this moment?  Maybe there is something that you is trying to show you or teach you.  Maybe you are there to influence others.  Remember that God is in control whatever the circumstances are.  We are called to do our work onto the Lord and not man. Colossians 3:23

Our thoughts dictate our actions and our actions make up our lives.  Begin to shift your attitude to reflect the life that glorifies the Lord.  I know that sometimes work situations can be frustrating.  We might not always understand or can see why God has us where we are.  But we have to have faith that he has a plan for us.  I can get impatient….especially when it comes to work stuff.  I am always eager for the next assignment, for growth, promotion, and blessings in my work.  I know God can move the mountains in the way.  I believe that he loves me and wants good for me, so it can be really frustrating when I gotta deal with situations that are not my ideal.  When I find my mind going down that path, I am reminded of so many different stories of the Bible when someone was destined for something awesome but had to wait for it and even endure not so awesome things in the journey to get there.  Think of Joseph, Joshua, and David.  David was called out as the future King.  The next day he continued with his job of tending to the animals.  How many years he worked doing things unfitting of a King….because God was preparing the way in the world for him to take that assignment.  But God was also preparing a way in David.  Maybe God is preparing a way in you.  Don’t miss it.  

2. Pray for your boss.  Now, this can be a hard one. I’ve had bosses in the past that I loved and they’re still mentors of mine, good friends.  And I’ve had bosses before that really test my nerves. They make decisions that I don’t agree with, that do or say things that I leave me wondering how they are actually my boss. Maybe you have been there too.  

It’s easy to judge and comment on their performance we stay focused on ourselves.  But in truth, those that are in authority usually have a lot of stress.  Those kinds of positions come with a lot of responsibility, and pressure.  Maybe you are the boss of a team, then you know.  It’s not easy.  What is easy is criticizing decisions that are made when we might not have all the details.  It’s human nature to react.  We see this not just at work but with the government, with churches, and other organizations.  A better response than judging, praying.  We need to be lifting our leaders up in prayer.  Inside Life Balance Membership, I have added a sample prayer challenging you to praise God for the talents and gifts he has given them.  Asking God to strengthen and use those strengths for God’s glory.  

Going back to the silos of life, when we are in work mode we can have blinders on to the rest of life.  Remember that your boss is a person too.  Pray for their soul.  Pray that they would know God.  Pray for their family, and their health.  Pray for wisdom, discernment as they make decisions that impact many.  Don’t forget to pray for your bosses boss and other leaders in the organization.

3.  Be the light.  Remember when I said that there is a purpose for where you are and that God has you where you are for a reason.  Whatever it is that you’re doing, it’s possible that the reason that God has you where you are might be to be the light in a situation or to be an example of what a Christian looks like.  You know sometimes we work with people and the only Christian that they know is you.  What are they seeing?  I know that can be some pressure and an expectation, but sometimes we need the hard truth….because it is the truth.

You might have a workplace where it’s just not ok to talk about and share your faith.  That’s why I love the quote “Preach the gospel and when necessary use words.”  That is our example of how to conduct ourselves at work.

Our actions speak louder than words ever will.  You don’t have to be weird about it, just let your light shine.  Let your choices speak to your values.  What you wear, what you say, or even deciding to not stay late because it’s family dinner night.  It’s amazing the impact you can have on those around you.

I was almost 20 years old when I came to know the Lord and it was by a co-worker. Yes, there are a lot of people in my life at that time that was Christians. in fact my husband was a Christian, although, he kind of walked away from the Lord by the time we had gotten married.  His parents were very involved in the church, and I even went to church with them occasionally.  What changed my heart and let me turn towards God was little conversations that I would have with a co-worker each and every single day.  He would tell me about the peace and hope that he had because of God.  Sometimes he would tell me about a song that he heard, or a book that he read that just inspired him.

It wasn’t that he was preaching to me he was just being the light and an example of what it looks like to walk with God. Ultimately that’s what led me to become a Christian.

You never know who you are around that you’re going to have that opportunity to be able to be that person for them.  Even if it’s a small way.  Even if it’s just one little comment, one little smile or a note or encouraging email.  You never know what it’s going to be.  

So I would encourage you that as you’re driving into work that you would just pray over your day pray over those opportunities to be able to be a light.

And when things get stressful throughout your day, that is when we can be tempted to be anything but the light.  We all have those moments at work we’re just like, “oh my gosh!”.  We might say things or do things that we look back on and wish that we didn’t.  Use those moments as opportunities to put your best foot forward, pray, and be the light for others.  As you make this a habit, others will see the fruit of the spirit in you.  And you will experience it for yourself.

Know that whatever you are doing for your job, God has you right where he wants you.  Trust him with your career.  Every part of it.  Where you work, how much you make, who you work with.  He can work it all together for good.


Episode 93: {Faith} Going Deeper In Prayer

Episode 93: {Faith} Going Deeper In Prayer


Hey, hows your prayer life?

Odd question I know.  But sometimes we need someone to call out the uncomfortable questions.  The ones that take us back.  Maybe your first reaction response is an automatic one.  “It’s fine.”  or “it’s good”.  But how rich is it?  How deep?

Prayer is our connection to our creator.  The creator.  So often we think about Jesus, God, the Holy Spirit, as a friend.  He is.  But God of the Universe.  The one who made it all and made it all work.  The almighty.  Big and powerful God….has allowed us to communicate with him.  He wants to listen to us.  Do you take that for granted?

Imagine how powerful that is?  Imagine if you could talk to any world leader any second of any day without hesitation and they would welcome your voice?  God isn’t a world leader, he is so much more.  He is the leader of it all.  

Realizing how big of a deal this is, are you handling the significance of this appropriately?  He, the almighty, wants to hear from you.  He wants a relationship.  Relationship is about communication.  

I say all this because I have recently been convicted of a shallow prayer life.  Mind you, it was deeper than it had been 5 years ago.  We are called to always be growing deeper.  But we don’t always answer the call.  I think God had been calling me deeper for some time but I fought it a bit.  

If it is time to go deeper, I hope this episode inspires you to do so.  

So often our prayer life can look a bit self-serving.  Praying for what we want, when we want it.  Kinda like veronica from willy wonka….I want it all and I want it now.  Early on in my Christian walk, I think I treated God like a bit of a Genie in a book.  I would read my bible and pray because I was broken and wanted so badly to be fixed.  But fixed in the way I wanted to be fixed.  I had my remodel list for God and I would pray that he would fulfill it.

I think we can all be guilty of this from time to time when we pray for ourselves.  Of course, that started to change when I understood his will was greater and far better than my own.  With experience, I saw what he was capable of.  Now, I still take my needs to my Lord.  But I pray for his will in the situation.  I give it to him to solve vs telling him how to solve it.  I think he can handle the details.  He is a big God.

Beyond praying for ourselves, we pray for others.  I can tell you first hand that there is so much power in having others pray for you and so many blessings when you pray for others.  But how many times have you said or posted on social media…”I’ll pray for you”  but that’s it? 

Prayer is a big deal but it doesn’t have to be complicated.  

Can I tell you a story?  

The other day I was going about work as usual.  The day was plugging along and all was going well, but there was an unsettling in my spirit.  I chalked it up to PMS.  But it just kept building all morning.  I went into a work meeting that I was excited for, I had planned for, and I just knew was going to be good.  It wasn’t.  I left feeling so deflated and empty.  Normally, it would have been no big deal but with the unsettling that was building deep inside me, it crushed me and brought me to my knees.  

I found myself crying out to God for help.  Really pouring out all my fear, frustration, hopes, pain….all out loud with ugly cry all over my face.  Luckily no one was around to see it.  

I decided to take the rest of the day off.  I was exhausted and that burst of emotion took everything I had left out of me.  

So, I went home got my comfy clothes on and turned on the tv.  I was searching for something but not knowing what.  I needed to fill my bucket.  I had heard about the movie War Room but had never taken the time to watch it.  Usually, if I am watching a movie it is for family movie night.

I hit play.

God is so good to provide things, even a movie when we need it most.  

I watched.  Sobbed.  Prayed out loud.  And through my prayer, God restored me.

This whole experience just really shook me up and has had me focused on deepening my prayer life since.  As I am leaning into this, there is so much information.  So many books, videos, instruction on how to pray, the power of prayer, and all the stuff to know and learn.  Honestly, it is a bit overwhelming.  As I started down that path, eager and hungry, I found myself looking for the “right way” or the “most powerful way”  This is the trap I fall in.  Perfection.  But like I say, life isn’t about perfection, it’s about obedience.

Seeing that this could trip me up and distract me, I took a step back and prayed for God to show me what I should do to go deeper.  While I am still listening, here are three things that I am starting with.

If you are ready to go deeper in your prayer life, maybe these three things are for you too.

  1. Make time in my day and protect it like it’s the most important thing for me to do.  Because it is.  

  2. Pray out loud.  A good friend once reminded me that Satan can’t hear my thoughts.  So much sorrow and frustration come from the enemy and his attack on our lives.  I want him to know that I am praying.  That I have a close relationship with God.  I want him to hear the faith I am putting in God to work in my life.  And when necessary, I need to remind him that he is not welcome in my life.  

  3. Write it out.  In the movie, she wrote it out and posted it on the wall.  Maybe you write it out and post it in your car.  I don’t know where I will post my prayers.  Right now, I am putting them on post it notes and putting them in my planner.  Jesus prayed multiple times a day and I want to do the same.  These are small visual reminders so that I may pray without ceasing.  As the day goes on if things cross my path that I need to pray for, I’ll write it down.  Pray for it right then and there and the next morning when it’s m prayer time, I’ll pray again.

I hope these things help you.

Ladies, we need to fight with prayer for our families, our marriages, our country.  Prayer is powerful and a gift we have been given.  I pray you use it.

Thank you for investing your time today to listen to the show.  By listening you are intentionally choosing to grow and be let your life be the light.  

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