Episode 185: Teaching Kids Healthy Friendships with Dr. Maylin Griffiths

Episode 185: Teaching Kids Healthy Friendships with Dr. Maylin Griffiths

Parenting can be hard to navigate especially when we think of all the things that we need to teach our kids in order to raise healthy adults.  Combine that with the big job of balancing everything else and things just get complicated.  To help simplify this (and inspire us), we are joined by Dr. Maylin Griffiths who is a wife, mother, and clinical child psychologist.  In this episode, we are talking about how to teach our kids how to make healthy relationships/friendships.  

About Our Guest

Dr. Maylin is a wife, mother, and clinical child psychologist.  She spent the past 12 years working with children and families in inpatient units, residential settings, and outpatient care.  Through her clinical work, she discovered everyone is really just doing the best they can for the children they care the most about.  Through her personal experiences as a mom, she discovered that parenting is HARD.  Really Hard.  What she also discovered is that being PROACTIVE rather than REACTIVE has made a huge difference in her confidence as a parent and in her relationship with her children.  Dr. Maylin developed Raising Character as a way of integrating clinical knowledge and proactive parenting with the belief that raising children should be fun, enjoyable, and memorable. She’s on a mission to raise children we’ll admire as adults.

Action Items and Tips From the Show

  • Let’s talk values for this:
    • What are your family’s values?
    • What are your child’s values?
    • Why are these values important to you and your child?
  • Next, let’s talk about behaviors:
    • What behaviors show these values?
    • Example if kindness is a value – what behaviors show kindness?
    • Example: if integrity is a value, then telling the truth is a behavior.
  • Finally, let’s link these two together:
    • We seek relationships with those who have similar values to us
    • We show our values in our behaviors
    • Let’s look for friends that show these behaviors we value
  • When our child’s friend’s do not seem healthy we can ask:
    • “Are your friend’s behaviors consistent with values that are important to you”
  • I find it’s best not to use force and to encourage choice to get the desired behavior
    • So encourage your child to make the best choices
    • Versus forcing them to not be friends with someone
    • Encouraging statements versus control and force

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Resources Mentioned in the Show:

Bucket Filler Series


Learn More About Our Guest

Episode 121: Peaceful Parenting with Jessica Kastner

Episode 121: Peaceful Parenting with Jessica Kastner


If you’ve been with us for a while, you know that we believe balance is possible in every area of your life. Yes, even parenting! Today, we are talking all about peaceful parenting.

About our guest

I have a fabulous guest who is going to give you all the best tips along the way. Her name is Jessica Kastner, an award-winning journalist, community leader, and full-time working mom. She’s really entertaining and has so much wisdom, so I know you are going to get so much out of what she has to share. 

Life balance starts first with the Word of God! Today’s Scripture is from both Jeremiah 3:15 and Matthew 9:37. 

“And I will give you shepherds after my own heart, who will feed you with knowledge and understanding.” Jer 3:15

“Then he said to his disciples, “The harvest is plentiful, but the laborers are few;” Matt 9:37

Tips shared on the show

My hope in this interview is that you will learn and have a greater understanding of who you are and what Christ has called us to do in our lives as working parents. Jessica’s wealth of knowledge and deep understanding of the struggles of parenting more than qualifies her to speak into peaceful parenting. She’s been just about every kind of mom you can be since she started out as a single mom, lived the stay-at-home life, and is now working full time. Out of these experiences of challenge, struggle, love, laughter, Jessica wrote her book, Hiding From My Kids In My Prayer Closet. Jessica says her book was written so that other moms could laugh and share in their struggles together. So often in Christian circles, there seems to be an unwritten expectation of perfection. Jessica is reminding you today that is just a lie you tell yourself. Jesus is perfect for us, and all he asks is faith!  

Are you ready to bring some peace back to your parenting? Jessica’s tips might be just what you need! 

Psalm 46:10 Be still, and know that I am God.

Action items from the show

Jessica’s 5 Tips for Peaceful Parenting

•    Spend quality time with the Lord. 

•    Know that the time you spend with your kids is Quality v. Quantity. 

•    Be present with your kids, even when it’s isn’t fun or easy. 

•    Do everything, even the little mundane things, unto the Lord. 

•    Let go of the Mom Guilt, and do things your own way. 


These tips are from one working mom to another, and Jessica and I hope they will bless you in many ways so you can have a little peace in your parenting.

Learn more about our guest

Jessica’s Website

#UnMom community page
Facebook author page

Hiding From My Kids In My Prayer Closet

More Resources:



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Episode 79: {Parenting} Finding What Works For Your Family with Kori Reed of Zag Zig Parenting

Episode 79: {Parenting} Finding What Works For Your Family with Kori Reed of Zag Zig Parenting


Sometimes as a working mom, we can feel like the odd woman out.  Even more so if there are things that make your family situation even more special.  Maybe you travel a lot for work, maybe you are the main breadwinner, maybe your husband stays at home, or maybe he works in another state and only comes home every few weeks.  We are all different, and that difference can be lonely…..until you realize that you are not the only one, perfect doesn’t exist, and happiness and success have no bearing on your situation. 

About our guest

In this episode, I chat with Kori Reed, co-author of Zag Zig Parenting, about life as a career mom married to a stay at home dad.  It was so fun sharing stories and hearing her advice for other working moms.  

I highly encourage you to have a listen to the episode then go grab her book.  I know it will make you laugh, and it will encourage you to live the life that works best for your family…whatever that is.

Learn more about our guest

Website:  www.ZagZigParenting.com

Twitter: @ZagZigParenting.com

Facebook: www.facebok.com/ZagZigParenting


Episode 32: Proactive Parenting with Krista Rizzo

Episode 32: Proactive Parenting with Krista Rizzo


In This Episode We Talk About

Proactive Parenting with Krista Rizzo

 About Our guest

Krista Rizzo is a Relationship and Parenting Coach and the creator of the WHY AM I YELLING? brand. She lives in Brooklyn, NY with her husband, Will and 2 boys Wyatt & Elias. Krista began Why Am I Yelling? as a blog in 2010 in response to a contest entry hosted by Oprah Winfrey called “My OWN Show”. Clearly, she didn’t win the contest but she did keep writing her blog. After finding her professional calling as a Professional Coach in 2015, Why Am I Yelling? is a full-fledged coaching practice focused on helping parents promote proactive parenting by navigating the exciting path of raising children through addressing the fear, embracing the milestones and encouraging a positive family dynamic. 


Tips and action items shared on the show

Krista shares the importance of setting expectations with your children from a young age and the benefits of it.  These are her three tips to get started with today:

1. Create consistency and communication.

2. Introduce organization skills with your kids.

3. Creates a level of trust and security for your children.


Learn more about our guest

Favorite Career Book:

Eat, Pray, Love: One Woman’s Search for Everything Across Italy, India and Indonesia Paperback – January 30, 2007

by Elizabeth Gilbert

Favorite Tool or Resource For Balanced Living:

Evernote and Trello

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Top Parenting Tip (you know it’s gonna be good from a parenting expert!)

Be on the same page with your co-parent/spouse.  Communication and working together is key.

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Facebook  Why Am I Yelling
Twitter @whyamiyelling_
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Instagram: no1yeller

Website: www.whyamiyelling.com


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