Episode 118: Success Tips for Making an Amazing Annual Family Album Without Feeling Overwhelmed

Episode 118: Success Tips for Making an Amazing Annual Family Album Without Feeling Overwhelmed


Here it is—we’ve come to the source of my Mom guilt. Baby books. My children are 10 and 8, and I still don’t have photo books for them. Yikes! For so long, I saw baby books as a task that I would never have time to do as a working mother. In my pursuit of balance, I somehow managed to overlook the importance of preserving these memories. However, 2018 is the year that I will suffer the Mom Guilt no more! This is precisely why I am thankful to have Melisa Liberman on the show today. Melisa is going to bestow on us her secrets to scrap-booking success.  

about our guest

Melisa is out there “crushing it” with her website, Crushing Motherhood, and hilarious social media accounts of her three rambunctious boys. Despite being a working mom with three kids, Melissa has been maintaining a yearly photo album for a decade now! Not only that, but all three of her children have completed baby books. Color me impressed! 

Melisa has managed to find the balance between intentionally taking time to preserve memories and preventing herself from becoming a slave to the scrapbook. Her system is simple and elegant that even the busiest working moms can do it! 

tips shared on the show

Harnessing the power of technology, Melissa spends just a little time each week sifting through photos and dedicating them to pages sorted by month. While Shutterfly is Melisa’s bookmaker of choice, there is a multitude of options out there for you. What’s insanely awesome about using an online bookmaker, is that setup can take as little as five minutes. With just a little time each week, your progress will begin to stack up. By the end of the year, you will have successfully crushed it at scrapbooking! The total time you will spend? Less than an hour each month!

Melisa is such a warm and enthusiastic person, and I am already encouraged to go out there and make some memories. Baby books are still a little daunting to me, but her process makes the whole thing smooth. Everything she is doing at Crushing Motherhood is inspiring me that I can find my own balance. I was thrilled that I was able to add to Melisa’s memory-keeping process during our conversation, and it warms me to know that we all still have a little something to learn. 

How do you store your precious memories? Are you fired up to start making a yearly photo book? I am! I hope you all will hold me accountable during the process. 

action items from the show

Melisa’s Top Tips for Photo Books

1. Figure out what your bookmaker’s page limit is, and then divide by 13 so you know your monthly maximum. 

2. Scan your precious memories and artwork into your computer. Take a photo of the big stuff! 

3. This process still works for Baby Books! 


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Melisa Liberman left her career as a software executive in pursuit of a more balanced life with her three young boys, her military husband, and her passion for all things related to organization and productivity. She now helps other moms implement solutions that make their life less chaotic and overwhelming and more meaningful. You can start now by downloading her free 10 Tips for Reclaiming Over 8 Hours a Week at www.crushingmotherhood.com.

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Episode 63: Cut The Overwhelm Through Obedience

Episode 63: Cut The Overwhelm Through Obedience


Have you ever experienced overwhelm? Ok, they say there are no dumb questions but……

We have all been there! Overwhelm is not something that you work on, conquer and move on. It is an ongoing process that you need to deal with daily. Prevention will keep it from coming up and taking over.  

But, have you ever thought about why overwhelm keeps coming up for you?  I have been thinking about this a lot lately.  What it keeps boiling down for me is obedience.  I know we don’t all love that word, but bare with me on this concept.  In this podcast episode, we dive into two different ways this effects us.

1. Guilt over the things we should have done but haven’t.  When there are things looming over us, it’s easy for overwhelm to become present.  It can be sufficating.  I always say, when you are overwhelmed, that is the best time to make a brain dump list.  List it all out.  

Once you have it all out on paper, look at your list and seperate false pressures from the true pressures.  There are real things pressing on us.  Deadlines, people, timelines.  But, if we are honest…I mean really on honest, how many things that are on our list that is overwhelming us could just be deleted.  If not deleted, moved back?  We are experts and putting our own pressures on ourselves.  Creating unrealistic expectations.

Looking at those real pressures…they come in all shapes and sizes.  Maybe the overwhelm is there due to a lack of obedience to your boss, your husband, or even your own word.  Obedience is not a bad thing.  If you struggle with that word, replace it with expectation.  If you are truly having trouble meeting that expectation, the best way to release the pressure is to bring it into the light.  Communicate with the person that you are not being obedient to.  Come clean….even if it is to yourself.  Especially if it is to yourself.  When you can learn to extend grace to yourself, overwhelm will lessen.

2. We don’t ask permission.  For the most part, number one didn’t have to do with God.  This one does.  How many projects are on your plate, causing overwhelm that you didn’t pray about?  Saying yes to new things is easy…until we find ourself buried and completely overwhelmed.  

Get yourself in the habit of saying “Let me think about it” every time you are invited to something or asked to help out with something or get involved.  Step away and pray.  Let God be the one to determine if it is for you or not.  When it is something that you bring before him, even if you don’t think you have time for it, if he wants you to do it….he will create the time and space for it to happen.

One of the best ways to cut the overwhelm is to be proactive.  This is why I always say that having a proper Sunday prep day is vital to your success.  I want to give you the worksheet and planning tools to do just that.  Click here to get started with Weekly Success Planning completely for free.