7-Week Challenge: Find Peace in Your Days

7-Week Challenge: Find Peace in Your Days


This week is week five of the challenge and we are talking about peace.

Can we first talk about peace?  

Peace in our lives sounds great, but it isn’t always a driving force in our lives.  There are a lot of things we would like to have that take a bigger priority. But let’s use a few words other than peace but mean the same thing and you tell me if you could use a little more peace in your life.

If you have ever said any of the following statements, this is for you:

“I wish life didn’t feel so crazy.”

“Things feel so chaotic.”

“I wish I could more of the things I want but life is just so busy.”

“I’m so busy things are coming out of my earballs“, (yes, you heard that one right… this is a made up phrase that a friend said once when she was talking about her crazy day).

Or if you have ever felt so overwhelmed with things to do that you don’t know what to do first.

What is the opposite of all of that? Peace.

Sometimes we don’t really know what we want, but we do know what we don’t want, right?

If you are like me, you want more days when you feel like you are on top of the world.  Those days that there seems to be a rhythm to the day and you have the energy to burn. I think we all want more of those days, right? Sometimes those days just magically happen.  But did you know if you were intentional about it, you could have more of those days?  Yep, it’s true. That’s what the Life Balance system that we offer is all about.

But this week’s challenge is really taking the concept and taking you to the core of what Life Balance is.  It’s really all about inner peace that radiates to outward peace.

Now, for this week’s challenge, I am going to give you practical things you can do to help you get more of those good days and it’s going to seem really simple.  And really it is. This is the easiest weekly challenge you will have out of all 7 weeks. Except maybe week one… it was a good one, you’ll have to go back to it if you missed it.  But if you want peace to be a lasting thing in your life, the only way to get it is through Jesus. Laying everything down and giving it over to him is the only way for lasting peace in your life.   I don’t want to lead you astray, so there you go. Now you have the truth. Feeling like you need more peace? You need more Jesus.

But this is the trap.  We over schedule ourselves, keep your minds full and our hands busy that we don’t ever stop… be still… be quiet and seek the peace that is given to us.  We rush from one thing to the next. We worry. We talk about our worry. We work, we serve, we give, we make dinner, we love on others, and we pretend to rest.  

Yes, I said “pretend” to rest.  Often we are so, go go go that when we do take downtime, what do we do?  We play a game on our phone, we read a book, we watch tv, we meet up with a friend… all great things.  But it is all more doing. More busy stuff. More to-dos.

Let me ask you a question.  When was the last time that you just breathed?  When was the last time that you allowed the quiet to be there?  When you let the silence be without filling it with music, podcasts, audiobooks, the tv, or the sound of your own voice?  When was the last time that you just lay there, sat there or stood still and did nothing?

If we want to experience peace in our lives, we need the empty space for it to be in our lives. Peace needs space. The less space you make in your life, the less peace you will find. The more space you create, the more peace you will find.

Now before you go off the deep end and just lay in bed and resign from your life, let me remind you that this is about balance.  If you have a pen or pencil around you right now, grab it. If you don’t (or if you are driving) do this the next time you pick up a pen or pencil.  Hold it between two fingers right at the edge and wiggle it side to side. It will begin to swing back and forth. It’s like a pendulum. You can over schedule your life and have no empty space in it…that is like the pen when it swings all the way to one side.  Or you can stay in bed all day, that is all the way over to the other side. You won’t be able to sustain either for very long. You want to find something in the middle that allows for just a small swing. You might have more days where you are a little more still and quiet and days where you are a little busier.  But the swing should not be that big. Balance.


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So how do you find the right balance in finding peace?  Well, Three things for you. These three will be highlighted in the bonus content along with some other goodies.

  1. Look at your weekly schedule and create margins in your day.  I telecommute for work. That means I work from home but I spend a great deal of my time in video conference meetings.  It might sound great to some, but let me tell you the reality of it. Back to back meetings. When you are in an office setting, you have time to move around, go to the bathroom, between meetings (at least you should, hopefully, you do)  And if you don’t, well, you are just late to a meeting because you were coming from another meeting, right? Well when you telecommute, you just log out and log back in. It creates no time to refresh my mind, move my body, or just to recenter.  The pendulum swings too far in one direction. As we talked about last week, you own your life. Create a schedule that has white space and margins. You may need to talk to your boss to make it happen. In the bonus content for the challenge, I will help you out by giving you some ideas on how you can do this… even with your work schedule.  I mean it will only work if your boss is on board so, I’ll help you with that.

  2. Create situations where you are not doing/can’t do anything.  This is why I take baths. It forces me to not do anything and I’ll choose to not listen to music or anything either.  If there is music playing, if the tv is on….it doesn’t count.

  3. Go on prayer walks.  Not fitness walks that you call a prayer walk.  Just time to wander and pray and listen. Sometimes when life gets crazy, I can’t sit still.  But if I stay in the house I will find something to do. Changing your environment is a powerful way to change your energy and mental state.  

Those are just three examples, but really your challenge is just this.  

This is the real challenge.

Find time to do nothing this week.  Nothing. Just be. Breath and listen.  Invite God into your moment but don’t feel like you have to do the talking.  Let him talk to you and just be.

Want to make a lasting difference?

Study this process for yourself.  Is it easy to do nothing? Hard? Does it make you anxious?  Go a little deeper and see what comes up for you in this process.  If you find it hard, make it a point to do it more often. It’s like a muscle you have to work.  So press into it.

Finding peace in your day might not be easy, but it will be worth it.  Check back next week as we dive into challenge week six!