Episode 106:  Holiday Sanity for Working Moms

Episode 106: Holiday Sanity for Working Moms


Christmas time is fast upon us!  Are you ready?

In this episode, we are giving you tips to help cut the chaos and stress in all areas of life that we focus on at Your Life Rocks.

Have you ever heard why we call it “Your Life Rocks”?  There is a meaning.  Did you hear the popular story about the college professor that has a jar full of sand and water?  He puts all these little pebbles in the jar and the water starts to pour over the edge.  Then he puts in these bigger rocks and even more water spills onto the table.  He asks the students if it all fits in the jar.  Of course, they say no.  He goes on to explain that the jar is your life.  The big rocks are the main priorities in our life.  The pebbles are the lesser important things but still matter, and the sand and the water is the busy stuff, the extra stuff that doesn’t really matter in importance but is still part of our lives.  He goes on to show that when you start with putting the big rocks in the jar first, followed by the pebbles, sand and then the water….there is room for it all. 

That is what Your Life Rocks is about.  Those 8 main areas of life, the big rocks.

With the holiday just around the corner, it’s important that we stay focused on all 8 areas to keep us in balance.  So, we are diving into each area and I’m giving you a tip for each one to help you keep your sanity this holiday season.  Because let’s face it.  It’s a stressful time of year.

We usually start off with the best of intentions.  High expectations for the season.  But really, we are setting ourselves up for failure.  What if we set ourselves up for something else?  Like, I don’t know, peace.  That would be lovely, wouldn’t it?  

That’s what Holiday Sanity is all about.

Inside the Life Balance Membership, you will find the complete Holiday Sanity Course.  The course has a module about managing your mindset, a module on time management and planning, one on moving closer to God, and so many tools to help you cut your stress level of the season.  Complete with worksheets, tips sheets, and more.  It’s all inside LifeBalanceMembership.com  free for members or just $5.99 for non-members.  (PS. it’s a great time to join!  There is lots of great stuff coming for the new year and you can try it for free for 7-days)

We will also be serving up some great podcast episodes to help you make the most of the holiday season, so click one of the buttons above and subscribe to the show!

Areas of life

Faith – Don’t let it cause stress.  It’s not about being extra spiritual this time of year.  There is nothing in the Bible about how we should celebrate Christmas.  But there is a lot in the Bible about how we should celebrate, love, give and have peace.

Marriage – Communication is key.  Set aside some time to discuss the important things of the season like money, commitments (like parties and gifts), and family situations so you can both have a united front.

Parenting – This is a hard one.  What will give you peace with your kids this holiday?  Taking time off, being more present, finding that one gift that will make them so excited?  Be intentional, narrow it down, and get it done first.

Home – It’s not a competition (that’s what I keep telling myself).  Don’t worry about what you see on Pinterest and Instagram.  What will give you peace?  For me, it’s the glow of the lights on the Christmas tree. And something fun in the yard.  It’s not about the towels or soap dispensers.  Maybe for you, it is. 

Finances – Decide how much and move the money.  Give each dollar a name.  Food, gifts, decorations, cards, account for everything.

Health – Mindset is everything.  Is it worth it?  All or nothing.  Pick one healthy habit to hold onto through the holiday season.  Choose not to battle the Christmas cookies

Friends/fun – Decide what matters most.  Love how you want to be loved.  Balance the yes with the no’s.  What overwhelms you?  Find peace.