Episode 158: Clean Home Habits

Episode 158: Clean Home Habits


We think about our cleaning routines, but what if you have habits that are keeping you from the house you love? In this episode, we are speaking with author Jenny Welsh about how to create a home you love and build habits that make it possible while breaking habits that are getting in your way.

About Our Guest

After 6 years as a working mom, Jenny Welsh took a leap of faith and became a stay at home mom after her third child was born. Now, she helps moms organize their homes and schedules, so they can do more of what they love. Get started today with her 30 Days of Decluttering Challenge available for free at www.homeafterthree.com.

Tips Shared on the show

I want women to know that creating a home that they love is completely possible. It isn’t a fantasy reserved for Pinterest. But, it’s something that can be achieved by anyone. It is not dictated by finances or schedule constraints. That’s because creating a home you love is more about feeling content than it is about how much or what kind of stuff fills your home.

Action items from the show

PRAY Start with prayer. Before you embark on a decluttering purge of your home, pray for contentment, clarity and intention. God wants us to live full and abundant lives and He will mold our hearts, so that we can fully appreciate his blessings when we ask him.

REMOVE CLUTTER AND EXCESS If the thought of decluttering is challenging for you, shift your mindset. Instead of focusing on what you are removing from your home, focus on what you are creating space for. It helps to think about the purpose of your possessions. What purpose do you want your home to serve? What about each room? Each item in each room? Once you have an intentionally defined purpose for your home, identifying which items to discard becomes clearer. When you have completely removed clutter your home will enhance the things you and your family enjoy doing rather than distract from them. This shift in mindset, will make creating cleaning habits easier and more natural.

CREATE CLEANING HABITS Appreciate and care for your items at home. This means cleaning throughout the day and not letting things “pile up.” Create a cleaning schedule for yourself based on how much time you have, your personal preferences (are your more productive in the mornings or evenings?) and ages of your children (how much can they help?). Even 15 minutes a day makes a noticeable difference. By modeling cleaning habits like putting away shoes when we take them off after a long day or cleaning our dishes and putting them away after a meal, we are teaching our children good cleaning habits as well. It won’t be long before the entire family is contributing to keeping a clean home.

Learn More about our guest

Jenny Welsh of Home After Three.

Website: https://www.homeafterthree.com

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/homeafterthree

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/homeafterthree

Pinterest: https://www.pinterest.com/homeafterthree1

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Episode 157: Real Life Home Declutter

Episode 157: Real Life Home Declutter


Since we are in a series all about home management, we kind of need to talk about de-cluttering, right? I mean, it is the first step in managing the cleanliness, and organization of your home. So we are going back into the archives and bringing this interview with Dana White from a Slob Comes Clean back. This was originally episode 13 and chances are, you have not heard it yet. It is full of grace, and practical tips that will help you take control of the clutter in your home. Enjoy!

About Our Guest

A Slob Comes Clean is the completely honest (and never-ending) story of Dana White’s personal “deslobification” process. As she find ways to keep her home under control, she shares the truth about cleaning and organizing strategies that actually work in real life for real people. People who don’t love cleaning and organizing.

Dana K. White. is a blogger, speaker, and (much to her own surprise) Decluttering Expert. She’s also the author of How to Manage Your Home Without Losing Your Mind.

Tips Shared on the show

3 Awesome Tips from the episode (there are a lot more tips in the episode… a must listen!)

  1. Start your decluttering in the spaces you see everyday… not spaces that are hidden away like a closet.

  2. Don’t think about it as organizing… your just taking things away that you don’t need or want.

  3. How to tackle the “piles of paper” in your home. Just go through looking for garbage. What is left will be much more manageable.

Learn More about our guest

Dana White of ‘A Slob Comes Clean’.

Website: https://www.aslobcomesclean.com

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/ASlobComesClean

Book: How to Manage Your Home Without Losing Your Mind (available wherever books are sold).

Youtube: YouTube channel here. 

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Episode 156: Running Your Home like a Boss

Episode 156: Running Your Home like a Boss


Okay, we have to address something right off the bat.  I know I sound different. I have a cold. Now, most Podcasters have their episodes so far out in advance that they don’t have to record when they have a cold… and usually, that is the case for me as well.  But ya know, sometimes we fall behind. I am coming off a super full season of life that required a lot of working hours at my day job and I am just catching up. I know you can relate to that, so please give me some grace with my voice this week and pray that it gets better fast.

Now, let me tell you why I am so excited.  This is not something that I tell everyone because it’s the kind of thing that will make people sum you up and judge you really fast.  So please, don’t judge… I love to clean. I love to sort through stuff, organize things, get into deep cleaning, and getting rid of things brings me a world of joy.  Its my stress relief.

If I could have another career (like I need one) I would be a professional organizer. I totally would.

Now, I almost didn’t tell you this because I didn’t want you to be like, “Um well it’s easy for you… you like it!”

Like it or not, it takes time to do and if you don’t have a solid strategy and if you are not intentional about creating the home you desire, it just won’t happen.

Steps to prep for a cleaner home:

Step one:  Get clear about your intention.  What kind of home do you want to have?  What is important to you? What does “clean” mean to you?  If you need help gaining this clarity, I recommend that taking the Weekly Success Planning Course.  In the first lesson, I’ll walk you through an exercise that will help. Remember, it needs to be what you and your family want, not what someone else wants or what people tell you it should be.

Step two:  Think of the current situation of your home compared to your intention.  Then, make a brain dump list of everything that would need to be done to get your home to where you want it to be.  

Step three:  Go through your list and decide how often the task needs to be done.  Annually, quarterly, monthly, biweekly, weekly, or daily.

Step four:  Go through and assign the tasks.  Who will do what in your family? What tasks will you hire out for?


  • Don’t make it such a big deal.  If you view it as chores or a big project to organize your home, it’s going to feel big and hard.  So, think about it as if it’s just another thing.

  • Do you and serve your family.  Don’t worry about what everyone else is doing, focus on what works for you.

  • Get buy-in from your family.  Share your vision of what you want to create with them and why it’s important to you.  It will help to get their buy-in with the tasks that they will need to take on.

  • Find ways to make it fun!

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