7-Week Challenge: Define Your Own Balance

7-Week Challenge: Define Your Own Balance


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This is it.

I can hardly believe we are already at the end of our 7 week series, challenging you to go a little deeper this summer!

If you are new to the show, let me tell you that we typically have guests sharing their wisdom and best tips to help you grow in all 8 areas of life.  The 8 areas are your faith, marriage, parenting, career, health, home, finances, and lastly friends/fun. Mixed into all that, you get me talking about balance, time management or something that God just laid on my heart to share with all of you.  But since it’s summer time, we decided to do something different. We wanted to go a little deeper and give you some good work to do.

How has this challenge been for you?  Did you complete all 7 weeks? Before you answer that, let me give you permission to say… not yet.  All the content is waiting for you in the free bonus content and in your podcast player. Whenever you feel the urge to go a little deeper, remember that it is there.  You don’t have to do all the weeks, but you just might want to.

Believe me, as I am looking over my long and deep to do list, I say this to myself, as much as I am saying it to you.  You don’t have to do everything in front of you. You have a choice. Choose what you want to pick up and what you want to let go of.  

And that, my friends is what this final week is about. Your choice.

Before we dive in, let me remind you where you can get your bonus content all together from all 7 weeks, packaged together nice and neat for you.  You can grab it for free by going to YourLifeRocks.com, our Facebook page, or head on over to Instagram. To find me there, look up Your.Life.Rocks.  Remember, the dots are important.

Now when we talk about balance being possible, I have to tell you, I believe that this is the case with every part of my soul.  There are so many people that will tell you that it’s not. That it’s impossible. Can I tell you a secret? I love it when people say that.  Why? Okay, so I didn’t always love it. It used to make me mad. But now, I see it as an invitation. An invitation to ask them to define what they mean by balance.  And when they explain it, well they are right.

Usually when people think that balance is not possible, it’s because they have defined it in a way that is like a time clock or a score card where everything has to be even.  Who says that’s what balance has to mean?

Why am I so adamant about this?  

Okay, let me lay it all out for you.  Being a working mom is hard. Like really hard.  You are leaving your kids in daycare, with family, or if your kids are older like mine, you are leaving them to fend for themselves.  All while you go to work and give it your all. Then you get to come home and be a homemaker, a wife, mom, housekeeper, chef, and try your hardest to do it all with small talk and ask questions to your family about their day and make connections with them.  You wake up wanting to work out, grow in your faith, spend time with your friends, pursue a hobby, or just be. But time is limited. You only have so many hours before work, after work and on the weekends.

It’s a lot.  And let’s not even get into the emotions, the self-talk, the judgement, all the things that happen between our ears as we process and over analyze and beat ourselves up.  

As working moms we are doing the very best we can to hold it all together.  Then to have someone say that, balance is not possible. Something has to give.  You know what will give? Your honest to goodness effort to try. And it is a slippery slope when you start to lower the bar. It will keep getting lower and lower and lower until one day, you will look up and wonder… who is this person? This is not me.  

It’s not about being perfect or proving something to someone.  It’s not about being in denial or being a martyr. It’s about being the best version of you for those around you.  It’s about leaning on God’s strength when you don’t have strength of your own.

It’s about choosing each and every day that, that day is worth it to give it your all and believing that yes, you can do this life.  The life that God called you to. The life that God blessed you with.

Truth is, I don’t want to live in a world where working in my giftings is not compatible with loving my family and serving them.  It really does not seem right.

Who says what balance is supposed to be?  Let me tell you a secret, you get to decide.  You can define what balance looks like for you.  What it means and what it is. You can set your own bar and live toward that possibility.  

Let me tell you how I define balance.  I define it by making choices that intentionally  align my actions with the goals I have set for every area of my life.  I came up with this definition for myself out of what I was experiencing when my life was way out of balance.  I was focused solely on goals for one area of my life. I might have made goals for other areas, but I didn’t work toward them.  My actions were not reflecting my intentions or my goals.


So this week’s challenge.

  1. Grab your notebook and begin to write out what a balanced life would look like for you. Not a perfect life, but a balanced life. Feel free to borrow my definition and give yourself to adjust it ’till it feels right.  But whether you use my definition or your own, really journal it, explore it, and day dream a little.

  2. Once you feel like you have exhausted the daydream, ready it back to yourself and see if you can summarize it to one sentence.  Example: To me, life balance means that I am living with intention to reach goals in each area of my life.

  3. Write this down, save it in your phone, put it where you are going to see it and check in with yourself on it.

Here is the thing, everything that we have talked about in this challenge over the last 7 weeks is all good.  But what makes it great is when you actually do it. When you apply it to your life.

It’s a process.  It’s not a one and done kind of thing.  It will take time to go through it all and truly its about growth.  Think of balance as a verb. Its something that you do, not a place to arrive to.  Imagine standing on a beam or a curb in the parking lot with one foot. Balance is not when you are steady.  When you are steady, you are standing on one foot. When you wobble and try not to fall, you are intentionally balancing yourself.

It takes effort, but it’s worth it to live fully as the amazing woman that God has called you to be.

Because when you go after balance in your life, when you define it for yourself and start to live into it, there is no better feeling in the world.

If you have listened to the show before, then you have likely heard me talk about the three pillars to balance.  Regardless of how you define balance, there are three things that make it a reality.

  1. Giving your life God.  Like fully, not holding anything back. Truly living for him.

  2. Being in Community

  3. Following systems that help ease the burden and keep you focused.

All of these things are a part of the Life Balance system and our new Life Balance app.  In the app you will experience a 20-week program that will walk you through focusing on God’s will for your life, building habits, learning to build on your habits to reach your goals in each area of life, and focusing on identifying the true things that will help you grow and for the things you learn to actually stick.  Plus, it has the tools to keep everything together for you.

In addition to the courses I just talked about, it has all the podcasts, plus a link straight to our community and two of my favorite tools:

1. Your morning routine creator – to help you start the day with intention.

2. Sunday prep checklist – this houses everything you need to do to prep for the best week ahead. Plus, get motivational messages, reminders, and tips to build a life that rocks.

For the courses in the app, the whole Life Balance program is available easily at your fingertips with an assigned progression that will guide you through learning and applying these fundamentals in a way that is not overwhelming.  If you can listen to this podcast, then you can do this program.

The goal is to help you create more days where you feel on top of the world.  You know those days. The ones that you feel like everything is going your way, you have joy.  You are productive, and just feel light. You know those kind of days? You can have more of them.  And the best part, that goodness will flow over into your family, friends, and everyone you work with.  

Your Life Rocks because You Rock and the Life Balance app will be your guide.

The app is launching this month!  Search for the Life Balance app in the app store or go to Your Life Rocks.com for more details.

Next week we are back to the regular podcast, but with a slightly new format that I think you will be excited about.  For the rest of this month, we will be joined by guests to help you become a better communicator. Communication is key for your career, your marriage, and really, every interaction that you have. It’s going to be a great series.

Until then, keep building a life that rocks!



Episode 125: Finding Balance in the Busiest Seasons

Episode 125: Finding Balance in the Busiest Seasons


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Whether it’s a new job, new baby, or a new city, life can get a little crazy. I believe we can gain all of God’s blessing from the adventures that life has in store for us. When you are in the thick of messy situations, balance might seem beyond your reach. I am proof that you can find that beautiful blessing of balance even in the busiest of seasons. That is why I wanted to take the opportunity to share my story and the story of the Your Life Rocks Podcast. 

It bears repeating that life balance comes from being aware, intentional, and led by the Holy Spirit. Yes, life get’s full and overwhelming, but oftentimes we feel out of our depth because we are trying to find the solution to our problems by our power alone. Your Life Rocks is all about building trust with God and allowing Him to direct your path. I had to learn that lesson during one of the craziest times in my life when I was beginning to doubt balance was possible. 

Between shifting jobs, moving houses, working overtime and launching businesses, I was certainly busy. I began to wear busy like a badge of honor! I want you to hear all the details of my life and the moment I realized that it was out of balance. There was too much on my plate, and not enough of my time was spent with the Lord. Once I was able to trust God with every aspect of my life, I uncovered just how sweet and fulfilling a balanced life can be! 

Here are a few ways that I have begun to rebuild balance in my life, even when the adventures seem a little extra crazy. 

  1. Get back into a morning routine of connecting with God.

  2. Have the hard talk with your spouse.

  3. Get a new life balance planner.

Balance is possible, and you don’t have to do it alone. Join the community and get plugged into amazing resources and soul-strengthening encouragement each day! 



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When God calls us out on the water, we can’t look down. We don’t focus on the waves, focus on Him.

— Jenny Stemmerman



Episode 74: Mindset of Balance for Ambitious Christian Women

Episode 74: Mindset of Balance for Ambitious Christian Women


Ladies, the Bible calls us to be set apart.  A lot of times we think about the actions that set us apart as Christians from the rest of the world….but what about your mindset?  The Bible also talks many many times about the renewing of our minds.  So why do we allow our minds to be in alignment with the world?  I get it.  It is tough being a woman trying to find work-life balance.  You have a ton on your plate and it is hard.  That is where the world will tell you balance is not possible.  That you can’t have it all.  That you should just brace yourself for the stress and chaos because there is nothing you can do about it.  It might be entertaining to relate to memes on the internet or videos about ranting moms slipping in curse words….but is that who you are?  Or are you the daughter of the king?  Are you capable of all things because of who strengthens you? 

In this episode, I share my heart on the subject of mindset, balance, and how as Christian working moms we can balance it all and walk it out in faith.  Plus I share a bit about my story and how I overcame the dark places of unbalance in my life.

As Christian women, we are not of this world.  As ambitious women, we are called to create change and make a difference in this world.  

Your Life Rocks is for these women. This is a movement of Christian working moms who believe that we are set apart from the rest.  God has called us to greatness.  We don’t buy into the myth that we can’t have it all.  We can handle what is before us because of who walks next to us.  Everything is possible with Jesus….including balance.  We lift up and applaud women who desire to raise their kids in Godly ways, treat their bodies like temples of the Holy Spirit, grow in deeper relationship with their savior Jesus Christ, honor their husbands and give to those in need.  We encourage those that go for their dreams, push past fear, release perfection, and love deeply.  We will change the world because we are the light.


Episode 57: Setting Goals for the New Year with Balance

Episode 57: Setting Goals for the New Year with Balance


Setting Goals for the New Year with Balance

Tis the season for goal setting.  I love the week between Christmas and New Year.  It is so calm and casual.  Perfect for reflecting on the year that has passed and making plans for the year to come.  Let me be clear, I am not a new year resolution kind of girl.  I’m the kind of girl that believes in always moving forward, setting challenging goals, working to improve every day by the grace of God.  The new year just feels like a fresh place to start.

If you are like me and are planning on using this week to reflect and plan, this podcast walks you through doing so in a balanced way.  Let me first say, I define life balance by setting and working toward goals in all areas of life.  Here at Your Life Rocks, we teach about 8 areas of life:  Faith, Marriage, Parenting, Career, Health, Finances, Home, and Friends/Fun.

Why be balanced when setting goals?  Well, so many reasons.


First, let’s unpack the last year.  Find a comfy quiet space, a good journal and let’s get started.

  • Reflect on the year.

Take time to unpack all that happened over the last year.  Walk through each month January-December and recount the events big and small.  Sometimes we can easily forget all that can happen in a year.  To start the process off, remind yourself.

  • Focus on your blessings.

Journal about all the great things that this last year had for you.  Don’t limit yourself….write them all out.  Isn’t God good?  So many blessings!

  • Lessons

Notice I didn’t say “things that were awful”.  We are naturally good at picking out the things we wish we could change, fix or take back.  Try not to go there while you are reflecting on the year that has past.  1. It’s not helpful 2. It’s painful.  Instead, think of 1-3 (no more than 3) things that held lessons for you in 2016.  What did you learn that you can take into the new year?

Once you have done this, it’s time to pray.  Give thanks to God for all that he has provided in the last year.  It can be so easy to jump ahead and pray about what we want for the new year.  Don’t miss this step to give praise and thanks!

Look Ahead

Now that we have unpacked 2016, let’s look ahead to 2017.  Just as a word of caution, don’t try to be perfect with your goals.  They are your goals.  You can change them anytime for any reason.  Your goals are for you and not anyone else.

As you start this process, ask God what he might have for you for 2017.  Ask him to show you, stir your soul and make it known.  This is why I said above you can change your goal anytime.  You might set a goal that feels right right now, but God may show you or guide you to something different in the coming weeks.

When you are setting your goals, think about how you can be your best for God.  Goals should challenge you and move you forward.  When you think of you at your best, what feelings come to mind?  Example, maybe at your best you would feel confident.  Once you have that feeling set, ask yourself this question for every area of life:  If I felt confident (or insert your own feeling here) in my marriage, what would that be like?  Use this question as a guide to setting your goals.  Write this out for every area of your life.

Once you have your goals written out, now it’s time for the next step.  Compare your goals.  This is how you can ensure that your goals are balanced with each other.

As your read through your goals, do they go together or compete with each other?  Here is an example.  Maybe your goal for your family is to go out and have family time once a week.  Maybe your financial goal is to not go out so much and save money.  Do you see how these are not alignment?  Go through and adjust your goals as needed.

Once you have your goals set, you need to find a system to help ensure that you will take action on them.  Goals are great but mean nothing if you don’t take action on them.  Find an accountability partner, set a schedule and plug in into your planner, or find something else that will work for you.

Within our membership, Life Balance by Your Life Rocks, we have the system worked out for you.  You are provided with the course work and worksheets to not only go through this process of planning but to then also to set you on a system to work toward your goals monthly, weekly, and daily.  From the courses to teach you the system, the planner to make it work in your life, and the support of the community, our membership has you covered.  We even have Lifestyle experts to help you grow in your career, health, finances, marriage and more.  You can learn more by going to www.yourliferocks.com/lifebalance

Links from this episode:

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Ready to reach your health goals but looking for a system?  Learn more about what I use to help with stress, sleep, nutrition and overall well-being.  Click Here


Episode 27: Creating Balance by Blessing with Heather Wilson

Episode 27: Creating Balance by Blessing with Heather Wilson


In This Episode,

We Talk About Creating Balance by Blessing Others

With Heather Wilson of GiveSendGo.com

About our Guest

Heather Wilson is  a Co-Founder and CMO of GiveSendGo.com, a free Christian crowdfunding site.  She lives in Maryland with her husband and 5 children.  Heather founded GiveSendGo.com with 2 of her siblings (She comes from a family of 12)  They Started this with a desire to be able to raise money to make a difference and share hope in the world.  They started in 2015 and since they launch it has quickly become the number one free Christian crowdfunding site allowing Christians all over the world to raise money for whatever their “God Adventure” is.


Tips and action items shared on the show

  1. You have to make your hands still to extend to the needy. Think of the Proverbs 31 Woman.

  2. Use GiveSendGo.com to teach your children to pray for others.

  3. We are called help others, be a blessing and show them the hope that is in God.

  4. When we focus our attention on others, our world gets bigger. That will help you keep your life in balance.

  5. Keep notice of who around you is in need. Then act on their behalf.

Learn more about our guest

Favorite Career Book:

A Million Miles in a Thousand Years: How I Learned to Live a Better Story

by Donald Miller

Tool or Resource That Helps Keep Life In Balance:


Best Parenting Tip:

Be Consistent



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