Episode 176:  Working Moms Guide to Travel Planning with Amber Sandberg

Episode 176: Working Moms Guide to Travel Planning with Amber Sandberg

Many times we go through life constantly focused on work and daily mundane tasks to the point we forget that life can easily pass us by. We stop to realize where did the time go? It’s the middle of the year already?

Today me and my special guest, Amber Sandberg are going to share with you why it’s so important to go on those vacations with your family, the benefits of having a well-planned trip, and learning a thing or two on how to go about traveling big or small.

About Our Guest

Amber Sandberg lives in the suburbs of Nashville, Tennessee with her husband and her two young daughters. Amber loves hanging out with her family, going on family vacations and vacations just with her hubby, anything turquoise and getting to know women (especially moms) on a deeper level. She has joined two of her passions: podcasting and travel and has become a travel agent who specializes in family travel.  You can learn more about her story and offerings over at www.mominspiredshow.com

Action Items and Tips From the Show

  • Practical travel budget tips for families

  • How to surprise your spouse with a well-planned trip for your anniversary

  • Importance of choosing the right place to travel to with the kids

  • When to plan short term and long term goal trips

  • The need for intentional travel

  • The best time to travel in the year according to you

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Learn More About Our Guest

Name:  Amber Sandberg
Occupation:  Travel Planner for Families, Host of the Mom Inspired Show
Contact:  http://mominspiredshow.com/contact
Website:  www.mominspiredshow.com
Social Media Links:  www.instagram.com/ambersandberg

Episode 98: {Friends & Fun} Living Intentionally with Amber Sandberg

Episode 98: {Friends & Fun} Living Intentionally with Amber Sandberg


We consider your life rocks as the things you are juggling and have worked them into 8 main areas of life.  Your faith, being a wife, mom, your career/work, health, finances, home duties, and lastly, friends & fun.  In this episode, we are focused on helping you grow with friendship and fun through intentional living. 

About our guest

Join me and my friend, Amber Sandberg as we discuss finding friendship as a busy woman, the comparison game that everyone loses, and how to be intentional about creating more fun through travel experiences.  Amber is the host of the podcast, The Mom Inspired Show.

Tips shared on the show

Every week on the Mom Inspired Show, Amber Sandberg and her guest delve into relevant topics for women including pursuing passions, overcoming battles, and troubleshooting issues that women face.  Amber loves to connect with women – especially moms – and encourages them in their authenticity because they are already “good enough.” Be uplifted and inspired. Join the village that seems to be missing in today’s age at the Mom Inspired Show.

Action items from the show

1.  Figure out the kind of trip you and your family would like to take (hint: take Amber’s free quiz!)

2.  Maximize your trips….plan to take even a small trip at least once a quarter.

3.  Be intentional about the how.  We’re talking about time and Money.  Planning is everything.  I personally use Amber’s Vacation Freedom Planner and if you want to get serious about making this happen for your family, I highly recommend you check it out.

Learn more about our guest

Website:  http://mominspiredshow.com

Quiz http://mominspiredshow.com/vacationpersonality/

Vacation Freedom Planner- http://mominspiredshow.com/vacation-planner/

Instagram https://www.instagram.com/ambersandberg/

FB page https://www.facebook.com/Mom-Inspired-Show-181537359017063/

Twitter https://twitter.com/Mominspiredshow