What if Life Balance Was Possible? Yes, even for you.

Life Balance Method teaches you the system for balanced living as a working mom while you live it out.

Easy to consume weekly lessons

Physical planner shipped to you to keep you on track each day

Email support to help you customize the Life Balance System to you

*Hurry, this course is only available until September 11th!

Life Balance Method is not just a productivity system

Balance is possible when you put God first in your life, live in community and have systems that work.  Life Balance Method will teach you the systems and help you implement them into your life while keeping God first, and helping you build your community.

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1. Putting God First

The system you are learning will have you growing in your faith daily.  Plus, with access to Life Balance Membership, you’ll get Bible studies and more!

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2. Living In Community

As you implement each week’s lesson, there are action steps to direct you to build and uplift the community around you.  We were not meant to do life alone.

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3. Learn The Systems That Work

Yes, you will learn the productivity system that allows you to grow in your faith, marriage, parenting, career, health, home, finances, and friends/fun without added stress.

Life is busy….I get it

We all want something better, less chaos and more organization in our lives, but with a full schedule and a lot of responsibilities, it’s hard to find the time to find a new way.

Do you find yourself lost and not even knowing what you want?

All you know is that things are not as good as they could be, but it’s hard to narrow down what needs attention.


Overwhelm is real, and it’s hard to know where to start


Who has the time for one more thing to worry about?

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We don’t need to over complicate it.

This 12-week program was designed to learn as you implement.  You’ll start off with clearing the clutter and I’ll guide you to clarity so as you take each lesson each week, you will be able to make improvements to each area of life while making the Life Balance Planning system a life long habit.  

Program Structure

You’ll start off with a prep week.  This week is designed to help you get focused and organized so you’ll be ready for each lesson each week.  The weekly lessons are audio lessons with supporting resources and visuals.  This means you can do your lessons while you are getting ready, cleaning, or relaxing.

Weekly Lessons

Each week you’ll be guided through each area of life to bring clarity and organization to the improvements that you want to make in that area while implementing the Life Balance System to them all.  The Life Balance System will teach you monthly, weekly, and daily planning for success.

Support to Customize

We all live different lives.  While the Life Balance System is fully customizable for everyone, there may be times you have questions.  I am here to support you in your journey to balanced living.  You will have email access to me through your 12 week program for any questions you may have.

Ready to get started?

This program is only offered until September 11th, get started today!

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Getting Started

Once you join Life Balance Method, you’ll have immediate access to the course.


Decide which planner you would like, pages for a disc-style notebook or a separate spiral-bound notebook.


Take the first course- Goal Setting

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Take Your Weekly Lessons

Each week log in and take the next course.  Each week you will learn how to impliment the Life Balance system and grow in an area of your life.


Learn the system while you live the system.


Access all the additional resources in Life Balance Membership included 

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Get Help When You Need It

Support is just an email away!  


Questions on how to implement the system given your unique situation


Advice and coaching only available to Life Balance Members (including Life Balance Method)