It's Time To Bring Order To the Chaos

The Life Balance System

Is Just What Working Moms

Need To Create Balance

Overwhelm, exhaustion, and stress is very real for working moms…I’m sure you can relate.  While it’s easy to just accept that as reality, it doesn’t have to be that way.  That longing you have deep in your soul for peace, balance, and purpose is there for a reason.  Often we can’t figure out how to have that in our lives because we are too busy just trying to keep up.

At Your Life Rocks, we believe balance is possible when you apply three pillars to your life

  1. Put God first and foremost in all you do.

  2. Get connected to community.

  3. Find the systems to help you create balance.

Life Balance Membership provides the system for you!

Get More Time Back

Struggling to get everything done within the time you have? 

Following a system like Life Balance helps you create intentional pockets of time to not only get everything done, but move forward every area of life.  And yes, rest and margin are in this system too.

Ditch The Mom Guilt

When we don’t have the time to focus on different aspects of our life, guilt can seep in.  But when you have a focus on all that God has called you to, and a system that gives you time and energy to focus on that area, the guilt shrinks away!

Live In Your Purpose

God has a purpose for all of us.  As working moms, the world and its demands can try to steal our focus from who we are in Christ and his purpose for our life.  The Life Balance System puts God in front of it all helping you live into your calling in every area of life.

At the Core of Life Balance Membership is the Life Balance Course

This 12 Week Guided Course will take you step by step through the Life Balance Course week by week.  Can you carve out an hour a week to learn AND apply this system?  You don’t have to learn it all upfront and then struggle to implement it.

When you begin the course, you’ll be guided through the goal-setting process allowing you to select one bigger life goal to focus on for the next 12 weeks plus smaller “seeds of faith” goals in all areas of life.  Each week, we’ll guide you through the steps to move the mountain standing between where you are and where you want to be in your faith, marriage, parenting, home, finances, health, career, and friends/fun.

Each week you will learn the system that you can live by to get your life in balance and keep it that way.

Life Balance Membership is more than just the Life Balance Course.

We offer more support to help you get the best results from the program.

See what is available for Life Balance Members

Clear the Chaos Course

This 7-day audio course is just what you need to find grace and start building systems that create balance in your life.  This course is perfect to take first to create some margin in your life or in seasons when you need to refocus.  Each day, listen to the audio lesson and complete the short activity.

Setting Goals in God's Will Bible Study

In this 4 week Bible study, you will be guided to scripture that provides insight into all 8 areas of life and how to apply what the word says into your own life.

Setting Goals in God's Will Bible Study

Building strong habits are important.  That’s why Life Balance Membership equips you with courses and tools to build habits that matter.

Planning Tools

From menu planning to the digital free version of the Life Balance Planner, we know that the right tools help support your success.  As a member, you have access to the Planning Tools Library.

Member Podcast/Workshops

Get coaching, added support, and inspiration through our monthly Member Exclusive Podcast/Workshop.  We’ll go deeper with the Life Balance Content and help you apply it to your unique lifestyle.

Life Area Resources

Life Balance Membership contains a library of resources for every area of life from chore charts for your kids, to leadership trainings for your career, to fun ways to improve your marriage.  Content is supplied by a variety of Life Experts from all 8 areas of life.

I truly want you to be successful with the Life Balance System and as a fellow working mom, I know that life can often get in the way of your goals.  So we have put in some supports to help you out along the way.

Plus, you’ll have guided emails to walk you through the system and allow you to customize your journey to balance.

As a Life Balance Member, there are other perks and bonuses waiting for you as well!

Member Exclusive Discounts

  • Save on Life Balance Planners
  • Sign up for coaching opportunities not available to nonmembers
  • Bonus material from Life Experts

Seasonal Bonus Material

  • Back to School Planning Guides
  • Christmas-Holiday Sanity Guides
  • Summer of Awesome Bonus Content