Do you know what your kids will be doing after High School?  It might seem a long way off but it’s never too early to prepare your kids for launch.

I’m joined for this conversation with Beth Langston from College Flight Plan.

About Our Guest

Beth Langston founded College Flight Plan with her husband, Greg.  She graduated from Purdue University in Education and is an expert essay editor with a proven track record of helping students navigate the dreaded college applications essay process with tremendous success. 

Beth and Greg established The College Flight Plan to empower students to master their self-discovery, allowing them to successfully activate their life’s purpose. Combining over 20 years of experience in the education field and executive leadership, we have mentored hundreds of students and young professionals. Our courses provide training, coaching, and expert advice to enable students to establish clarity, confidence, and control over their future.

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Action Items and Tips From the Show

There are 3 key things that college admissions look for and you can work on these things well before their senior year.  And these are not just for kids that are college bound.  These three things will help your kids on whatever path they choose after high school including trade school, military, or entering the workforce.

1.  Academic Success:  Empower teens for academic success through early preparation. GPA,
standardized tests, quality curriculum, outside studies, and pursuits

2. Extracurriculiam Accomplishment: Empower teens for extracurricular success by showing demonstrated
interest in activities. In-depth community projects, leadership positions,
commitment to an activity, entrepreneurial spirit (example: collect food during Covid
for charity).

3. Self-Awareness and Future Plans and Goals: Empower teens to express who they are with confidence and clarity as they
gain a sense of control through self-discovery tools and assessments.-know
their values, purpose, strengths and weaknesses, and natural inclinations. Have a
plan and goals set to pursue a major that will allow them to thrive. They know who
they are and where they are going and can articulate this in conversations and in
their application essays.

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