Back to school can be awesome, but it can also be stressful!  Have no fear, we have an expert for that!  Joy Acaso is an Anxiety Support Coach and Psychotherapist and a repeat guest on this show and a wonderful source of information and inspiration on how we can best support our kids through and transition.

About Our Guest

Joy is a wife and mom of 2, an 13 yr old daughter and 7 yr old son. Personally, parenting has
been a season of “unlearning and learning.” Her work as an Anxiety Support Coach and
Psychotherapist is a testament that it’s never too early or never too late to choose the best
course of action.

She values the integrity and uniqueness of every family and individual she meets. Joy tries her
best to put awe and curiosity at the forefront because she knows that “one-size-fits-all” can
never bring healing. She has made it her mission to spread awareness in utilizing therapy and
coaching as a means of helping families bond closer and make their mental health their priority.

Learn More About Joy:

IG: @joyacaso
FB: @joyacasocoaching

Tips From The Show

Success tips for overcoming overwhelm and stress:

1. How can we support our kids as moms?: Every family has their own story and
must therefore take the time to identify their kind of stress or their kind of crisis.

2. When should we be worried about the effects of isolation for our kids or other
effects of the events around us?: Everyone is affected now more than ever. We
are facing the worst mental health crisis in America today. Globally, we’ve also
seen research studies from the UK and Asia. Emphasize on physical distancing, not social isolation.

3. What are the signs that our kids are more greatly affected? We as parents must
educate ourselves about what stress looks like, and what it feels like in our own
lives so that we can talk to our children about it. Many times, children don’t even
know that they’re stressed out or affected. Some common symptoms:
forgetfulness decreased interest in friends or friendships, decreased interest in
creative outlets, more frequent crying or anxiety.

4. What kind of intervention is best and when to seek it? Early intervention is always
best. The most effective and most basic kind of intervention at home is listening,
engaging and ongoing observation.

5. I keep hearing talk about previous generations and things in history that kids
grew up in that were hard. How can we learn from those times to provide a good
outcome or should we not even worry about it knowing that our kids will gain
resilience? Learning from the past is always a good thing. Part of building
resilience is the very act of making sense of distress as a family. If we are going
to use the past as a history lesson with our children, approach and timing are key.
For example, when our children are in the middle of dealing with a sensitive topic
(sensitive to them), that would not be the appropriate to bring up lessons of

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