Studies show that most people take an evaluation of their lives and make serious changes when they get to their mid 30’s and into their 40’s.  So if you find yourself feeling like something is missing or you are experiencing some sort of a mid-life crisis, this episode is for you!  We are joined by life coach Amber Sandberg as she walks us through a 3 step process to help you change the direction of your life if you feel a little stuck.

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About Our Guest

Amber Sandberg is a certified life coach, travel specialist, and podcast host of the Mom Inspired Show.  She is committed to helping women live a life they love and take advantage of every opportunity to live life to the fullest.  She is married and the mom to two of the sweetest little girls and together they live in Tennessee.

Tips From The Show

Here are Amber’s 3 tips to help you move forward and create the life you want:

1. Assessing your thoughts:  Understanding where you are and what you are feeling and what is missing.  There are a lot of emotions that can come up with this….it is easier said than done.  Don’t plan on this being a short process.  A journal might help you process and track your thoughts and emotions.  This is also where a coach is so helpful because they can guide you through the process.
2. Creating different thoughts.  What changes do you want to make?  What thoughts and beliefs do you need to get there?
3. Making those thoughts into actions.

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