Have you ever thought about cutting back at work to give more time to other areas of your life?  It’s like the most common daydream for working moms and more and more of us are doing it.  But what if you are a workaholic?  Um….yeah.  I am with you.  I recently went part-time at work and this is what happened and the struggles I went through.  I have learned from this experience and now you can too!

Tips From The Show

Want to cut back for yourself?  Here are some tips to help you navigate the waters:

  1. Be intentional about what you want and need and why you need it
  2. Seek to make it happen.  Make a plan and be clear on what you need to produce and make a plan to achieve it.
  3. Prepare mentally.  It can be a hard shift…see the three things I learned down below.
  4. Prepare your environment for success.  Get organized!
  5. Give yourself grace.  Slowing down is a new way of being and it will be a journey full of lessons to learn.

After slowing down myself, I found it to be a hard process.  Here are the 3 biggest lessons I learned from the process.

  1. Being still is important and really hard.  You’ll have more time that is not filled with the “hurry of life”.  This feels uncomfortable.  Fill the void with God.  Use the time to put him first and go on this journey with him.
  2. My mind is wired to think about work when it’s not time to work.  It pulls me back into wanting to work more but I have to learn my new way of being.  So, time blocking has been huge to set those boundaries.  I also have an ongoing list on my phone so when those thoughts come up, I have a place for them to go so when it is work time, I can focus on executing those things.
  3. My identity has been challenged.  I am having to view myself as a whole person and not just what I do for work and the value that I provide there.  Focusing on the value I bring to my family and community has been really important to me.

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