Summer is just around the corner and I am totally here for it!  Do you ever think about just how fast time flies?  Before we know it, we will be welcoming in fall.  Don’t miss making this summer the most awesome summer for your family and for you!  In this episode, I am walking you through the Summer of Awesome Planning Guide to help you intentionally plan for this upcoming season as a working mom.

In this episode, I reference the full summer planning kit that is available inside Life Balance Membership.  

Tips From The Show

  • When planning an awesome summer, be thinking about what your intentions are for you and your family.
  • Include the family in making a summer bucket list of what to do
  • Edit the list based on the time you have available (after considering all camps, appointments, etc) and money you have budgeted
  • Put your plan on the calendar and make it an awesome summer!

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