As working moms, we all have times in our lives when the systems that we have created for balance get interrupted.  It could be for something small like a vacation, or it could be something bigger like a change in a career or even a huge schedule change during a season.  We will be covering both of these scenarios in this episode and giving you the steps you need to get back on track when one of these things happens to you!

Tips From The Show

Life happens and it interrupts your systems….

2 types of interruptions.

  1. Is a small’s like a vacation
  2. Is a shift in scheduling or priorities

So how do you get back on track?  Number one is easy.

  1. Brain dump list
  2. White space
  3. Get back to your systems starting with your morning routine and weekly routine

*Sometimes when we get a break we might get insight and you may want to make changes.  Get back into your routines and then make changes.  You don’t want the wheels to fall off and follow what is laid out in number 2

Number 2:  Example: Kids going back in the classroom, change in your work, kids out of school for the summer

  1. Pray.  The changes might be good, they might be the result of something that you don’t feel super positive about.  But here you are.  Use this opportunity to invite God in and pivot toward him as you recreate a structure that you will be moving forward with.
  2. Ideal calendar exercise (while you are doing this, think about your priorities for the season you are going in.)  Don’t get too hung up on this step.  
  3. Redefine your key routines.  Morning routine, night routine, weekly planning routine, monthly planning routine.  When you redefine, strip everything away and think about the intention of that time.  What do you want to achieve with that time?  How can you support yourself proactively to use that time as you want to?
  4. Give yourself some grace and white space as you start to move in your new systems/structure.
  5. Keep God at the center of what you are doing and how you are doing it.  The bible tells us over and over to guard our hearts. Proverbs 4:23

Know that when we make changes, it can affect our attitudes, mental capacity, emotions and so much more.  Be on the watch for warning signs.  Don’t ignore when these things come up.  Us them as an opportunity to explore why it is affecting you and turn toward the Lord to help you grow through the process.  The more we know about how things like this affect us, the more we can be successful the next time we are experiencing a life change

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