Have you ever tried to get something done at home and as soon as you do, your kids interrupt?  It can be stressful and bring about some serious mom guilt.  But we still have to get stuff done…especially if you are working from home.  If this is going to be your new normal, you are going to need some new strategies to make it work!

This is where are our experts come in.  Karissa Tunnis and Shari Medini of adorethemparenting.com wrote a book called Parenting While Working From Home and it is full of the practical things that you need to hear!

About Our Guests

Shari Medini and Karissa Tunis are the co-authors of Parenting while Working from Home: A Monthly Guide to Help Parents Balance Their Careers, Connect with Their Kids, and Establish Their Inner Strength. They are also the co-owners of the popular parenting website, AdoreThemParenting.com. With six kids between them and over a decade of work from home experience, they love sharing strategies that help fellow parents minimize the overwhelm while trying to juggle it all.

Website: https://adorethemparenting.com/

Tips From The Show

  • Make Your Moments Count
    • Instead of stealing small moments and feeling guilty about them, own it! Instead of hiding in a closet with a bar of chocolate scrolling through your phone, what could you intentionally be doing to restore your energy?
    • You could take a 20-minute shower, or you could take a restorative 20-minute bath
    • You could spend time on social media comparing yourself to others, or you could read a chapter of a book that you love
    • You can sit on the couch with your kids while they watch a movie, and you can pop an earbud in and listen to your own podcast while you all snuggle
  • Fulfill Your Kids’ Needs First
    • If you meet your kids’ needs first, then you will be better able to focus and get some productive work time without interruption.
    • Make sure that everyone has snacks and a drink, has gone to the bathroom and has had a chance to connect with you and share any stories that they want to tell you.
    • Spend some time creating an inviting play set up for your kids, but then you don’t have to stick around for the actual playing. Get them intrigued, and then you can step away to get some work done.
  • Communicate Professionally while Working from Home
    • Respond quickly. When people don’t hear back from you, they start to make up their own reasons that you might not be responding. You don’t have to give the full answer right away, but a quick message to let them know that you received their message and are on top of things can go a long way!
    • Don’t overshare. I understand the urge to explain the craziness of your everyday life, but it just doesn’t belong in a professional setting. I have answered plenty of emails while breastfeeding a baby or watching my kids play at the playground, but no one needed to know that.
    • Calmly handle interruptions. Pretend your kids are your little coworkers who pop into your office with questions. We have some tips for handling those situations!

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