If you have health goals on the top of your list as we begin the new year, you won’t want to miss this episode with Lindsay Young, a Certified Transformational Nutrition Coach, and Certified Strength & Conditioning.

We are talking about the mindset of reaching your goals along with what to focus on to get the best results for your health.

Plus, at the end, I’m sharing some of the changes coming for Your Life Rocks in 2021.

About Our Guest

Lindsay Young is a Certified Transformational Nutrition Coach and Certified Strength & Conditioning Specialist living in Boise, ID with her hunky hubby and 3 kids. She specializes in helping ambitious women develop a simple nutrition and lifestyle plan to create optimal health and energy so that they can confidently rock a body they love. Lindsay’s approach to wellness focuses on real health in a real-life context, helping her clients develop a modern approach to a healthy lifestyle that is sustainable and joyful, in their homes and out in the real world.

Email:  lindsay@lindsayliveswell.com
Website   www.lindsayliveswell.com
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Action Items and Tips From the Show

What to do when you are setting the same goals over and over again:

  • Know that there is something for you on the other side for you.  
  • Believe that you can actually achieve the goal
  • What are you really wanting?  Change the perspective of your goal.  Instead of going for a weight loss goal, maybe it is better for you to focus on body measurements.

If you don’t have a weight loss goal, what should you focus on for your health?

  • There are three main things to focus on:
    • Blood Sugar
      • Get your blood work done so you know where you are at.
    • Inflammation
      • Avoid refined grains and sugars
    • Gut Health
      • Focus on diversity of fruits and vegetables
      • Take a daily probiotic or eat fermented food

Find your motivation for your health goal

  • Find the right strategy for you.  Not everyone is the same.
  • Find accountability for your goals.
  • Focus on your habits (good habits are a key to reaching your goal)

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