In this episode, we are talking about 3 reasons why it’s important to set goals for the new year (even if you are nervous about doing it), plus, 3 ways you can enter into goal setting in a careful way.  If you are like me, I find myself setting some of the same goals over and over and getting stuck.  Doubt, skeptical, loss of hope…but it doesn’t have to be that way!  Listen and learn what to do if you find yourself in that same spot.

Plus, at the end, I’m sharing some of the changes coming for Your Life Rocks in 2021.

Action Items and Tips From the Show

Why Setting Goals Are Important

  1. To set a goal is to pray for something.  When we set goals with God in mind, we are presenting the desire of our hearts to him.  The Bible tells us to pray….about everything and not to give up in our prayer.
  2. Goals give you a direction.  Life is not stagnant.  We are always moving in a direction and without a goal and a plan…you might end up where you really don’t want to be.
  3. Goals set a good example to those around us.  AKA, your kids.

Be careful with your goals.

  1. Don’t let your goal become an idol.  
  2. Set yourself up for success or change your goal.  If you have more reasons not to do what is necessary to reach the goal than you have to reach the goal, you are sabotaging yourself before you even begin.
  3. Hold your goals loosely and if God wants to do something different, let him.

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At the end of the show, I talked about some of the changes coming in 2021 to Your Life Rocks.  Here is the recap:

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