We have all been there.  The constant mess and chaos of our houses can leave us with overwhelm and guilt and can make us wonder if we have what it takes to make our house our home.  But there is good news!  The state of your house does not define you!  I know, easier said than done.  In this episode, we hear how to make that so with Jenny Welsh.  She shares 3 steps of her Chaotic to Clean Method that will help you bring God back into the state of your home and feel like you have it conquered.

About Our Guest

After 6 years as a working mom, Jenny Welsh took a leap of faith and became a stay at home mom after her third child was born. Like too many women, she felt out of place in her own home and overwhelmed by the clutter. Combining her knack for organization with her experience creating operating procedures and processes, she developed the 7 step Chaotic To Clean method for overcoming the clutter in her home. Now, she teaches moms her people-first home organization method, so they can create space for more of what and who they love.

Action Items and Tips From the Show

A recent study shared that 89% of working moms and 92% of stay at home moms felt overwhelmed by their homes. Those numbers get me fired up! It’s way too high!

Too often we associate our self-worth with the state of our homes. We have been conditioned by film, magazines and social media to identify others’ and our own worth based on our stuff. This is such a big lie. You are NOT defined by your things. Your clutter does not define you.

In the first three steps of Jenny’s 7 step Chaotic To Clean method, we work to shift our mindset away from feeling like we aren’t enough because we don’t have the “right” decor or stuff in our homes and focus on doing more with what we already have.

That one thing is God. Only God can fill the void that we are trying to fill with stuff.

Step 1: Pray

Invite God into your home and into your home organization plans. I like to ask what can I do with what I already have.

This is not about copying a look or style found in a magazine, but about creating a home that is perfect for you to thrive in. So that you can become who God created you to be without distraction.

Step 2: Pause

When we pause and really look at why our clutter keeps collecting, we can develop REAL solutions for maintaining our homes. The goal is no longer to have a clean home because we want to fill a void or feel a certain way about ourselves. The goal is to have a home that serves a purpose (and cleanliness is a by-product of that). So, when we pause, we are asking where in the cleanup process am I getting stuck? What about the way I currently organize my home does NOT work for my family’s needs?

Step 3:  Plan

What are 2-4 things that you want to achieve in your home? How do you want your family, guests and you to feel in your home? What are those words? Now, you can set out to intentionally create THAT. Not someone else’s ideas of what our homes should look like, but exactly what you and your family need today.

This is the step where it’s safe to open up Pinterest. But, not to copy. Maybe for the first time ever, you are looking at Pinterest for inspiration on how to achieve specific things!

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