Summer is a time for love and weddings.  Do you remember your wedding vows?  You know, the things that you promised to your husband?  They mean so much!  Regardless of how long it’s been, anytime is a good time to recommit to the promises and intent you want to build a strong marriage.  Kimberly Walton from Cherished Wives, walks us through 4 vows or promises we can make for a wildly successful marriage.  Who doesn’t want that?

About Our Guest

Kimberly Walton is a marriage mentor, speaker, writer, and women’s retreat leader who specializes in working with Christian women to create and nurture wildly successful marriages.

She is the founder of Cherished Wives International, a coaching practice dedicated to strengthening marriages and increasing intimacy and connection through her unique INLOVE approach. The INLOVE program addresses the 6 principles that are part of a successful marriage by focusing on the whole person and taking a wholehearted approach.

Kimberly comes from a place of personal experience and draws on her formal and informal education to mentor on the “how-to’s” for developing greater intimacy, increasing passion, embracing vulnerability, and strengthening relationships.

Kimberly believes in a solution-focused approach to strong marriages and blends in humor, tenderness, scripture and even a touch of call-you-on-your-stuff when working with her clients whether it be in a one to one setting or a large group.

Action Items and Tips From the Show

Key topics on the budget breakdown:

  1. Promise to put the Marriage first
    • Are there things that are causing you to neglect your marriage?  How can you proactively set yourself up to allow nothing to get in the way?
  2. Promise to forgive regularly and often
    • Imagine your spouse on a stage as a child wearing a tee-shirt with the issue you have with them written on it.  It’s easier to have empathy and forgive them.  Then imagine a little older and forgive and repeat until they get to their current age.
  3. Vow to make yourself responsible for your own happiness or unhappiness
    • How do you communicate your needs?
  4. Vow to understand there are no egalitarian marriages and understand each of you will be the strong one at different times.
    • How do you respond to your spouse when they are in the valley?

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