The holiday season is upon us, but that doesn’t mean we have to ignore our health until January.  And I’m not just talking about weight.  Now more than ever we need to be focusing on our overall health, immunity levels, how we deal with stress, and (of course) our weight.  To help us with some real strategies for the season is Lindsay Young from


About Our Guest

Lindsay Young is a Certified Transformational Nutrition Coach and Certified Strength & Conditioning Specialist living in Boise, ID with her hunky hubby and 3 kids. She specializes in helping ambitious women develop a simple nutrition and lifestyle plan to create optimal health and energy so that they can confidently rock a body they love. Lindsay’s approach to wellness focuses on real health in a real-life context, helping her clients develop a modern approach to a healthy lifestyle that is sustainable and joyful, in their homes and out in the real world.

Tips From The Show

Regardless of your health goals, it’s easy to fall off track over the holiday season.  Below are 8 strategies from Lindsay to help you stay on track!

  1. Ask God for help.  It’s so simple, yet we so often forget.
  2. Ditch the sugar and find healthy substitutes.  Sugar has many negative effects outside of weight gain.  There are so many ways to enjoy yummy treats without sugar.  Be sure to be following Lindsay on Instagram for inspiration.
  3. Do a time audit to see where you can fit in time to focus on your goals.
  4. Simplify your food
  5. Make your home your safe haven from temptations
  6. Look at the inputs and what you are allowing to influence your actions
  7. Remember that everything counts.  Each positive choice adds up
  8. Look at your calendar for some perspective.  You may have control over your ability to stay focused on your health goals more than you thought.

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Learn More About Our Guest

Go to Lindsay’s website to find all the great resources she has for you: