Do you have your kids do chores?  As a working mom, this can be a hard battle.  We want the best for our kids, but our time with them is limited so how do we set up a structure for chores that make sense, is easy to manage and enforce, but also helps our kids succeed?  That is what we are diving into this episode!  We are joined by a mom of 10 (yep, 10 kids), Ashley Buffa and she is sharing with us about chores.  Listen in as we talk about why chores are important (and how chores really can save the world), how to figure out what chores your kids should be doing, and how to not let a chore system that you implement just fall by the wayside but actually work.


About Our Guest

Ashley Buffa is the mother of 10 children (yes, 10!), a business owner, and a dedicated, nonperfectionist home systems extraordinaire! She is passionate about teaching overwhelmed Moms how to transform themselves from a minion martyr mindset into confident, capable, respected home CEO’s. Ashley is committed to helping ALL Moms (working moms, stay at home moms, homeschooling moms, ADHD moms, and any other kind of Mom who wants a change!) realize and achieve a calm, peaceful, neat space that really feels like Home Sweet Home.

Action Items and Tips From the Show

Why are chores important?

It’s important to teach our kids to be contributors and not takers.  We want them to learn life skills and how to take care of themselves and their home when they are adults.  Chores help kids realize that they are apart of something bigger and that their contribution matters.

At what age do start your kids with chores and what do you have them doing?

Kids at 2-3 can start to do things that move the needle for the family.  They love to contribute and do it.  Just give them a wet rag when you are cooking and have them wash the baseboards or lower kitchen cabinets.  When they are 5-6 you can start working them into the family chore system and a structure of daily chores.

Steps to implement a chore system:

  1. Take it slow.  Remember, you are not just training the kids but you are training yourself too.
  2. Work on creating a habit for ourselves.
  3. Start with one chore per child per week.

Once chores are introduced, how do you manage the system?

Anchor the chores to a time in the day when everyone is together.  Inspect what you expect.  

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