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Episode 260: Adjusting Your Priorities For Better Time Management and Happiness - Your Life Rocks

We have all heard the advice “focus on your priorities”, but when everything is a priority, how are you ever suppose to be effective?  If you are overwhelmed by all the things pulling at you as a working mom, this episode is for you!

In this episode, we are diving into a few action items for you to do to reshape your priorities and regain your focus. 

Action Items and Tips From the Show

Key topics on the budget breakdown:

  1. Brain dump list of all that is swirling around in your head.  

  2. Why are things on this list?  Who put them there?

  3. When did that expectation or priority happen? Sometimes we set the bar really high at the start of a season but then when we start to live it out, we find out if it truly fits or not.  Just because something doesn’t fit, doesn’t mean its bad or you are bad.  It also doesn’t mean that it never fits.

  4. Maybe the end goal fits but the action to get there doesn’t.  If that is the case and you can’t let it go, ask yourself how else you might reach the goal?

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