Ok, being in quarantine with our loved ones can be a blessing.  But given the stress we are under with COVID-19 and limitations on activities, it can create tension in any relationship.  Especially as a working mom that is trying to work from home, manage distance learning, and more.  In the second part of this series with Dr. Mariam Coaster, we are looking at stress and relationships and what you can do to ensure that your relationships stay strong.

Last week, we experienced part one: Dealing with the Stress In Us.  I highly encourage you to listen to it if you have not already.  

About Our Guest

Dr. Mariam Coaster is amazing. She is a wife to a wonderful husband, and mother to two beautiful children, a two-year-old boy, and a 3-month-old girl. Professionally, she has a doctorate in neuroscience and is a licensed marriage and family therapist. She primarily works with couples and women at her private practice in Franklin, TN. She is passionate about helping people grow towards healing and restoration in their closest relationships. She is also the co-founder of InRelationship, and a marriage workshop called 7 Conversations to Enrich your Marriage. In her free time, she enjoys spending time with her family, cooking up a new-found recipe, and being actively involved in her church.

Action Items and Tips From the Show

Working through stressors in relationships We navigate stress in relationships through ownership and re-connection. This results in greater emotional health, holiness, and healing in relationships.

Own your part: taking ownership for your part in the stress by spending time in self-reflection and prayer

1) Choosing to step away from the distressing relationship to gather yourself.

2) During self-reflection, pray for humility, wisdom, and connection with God and yourself.

3) Use the stress indicators (feelings, thoughts and body sensations) to slow down and access heart issues:

a. What is really bothering me about this relationship?

b. What am I choosing to rely on or hope in more than God? What heart issues or ruling desires can I let go of?

c. How can the Gospel reorient my perspective to accept Christ’s perfect, sufficient grace, and therefore extend mercy, grace, and love in the relationship?


Initiate Re-connection

1) Pray for wisdom on how to approach the relationship – ask for an opportune time to share your heart.

2) Share how your stress indicators (feelings, thoughts, and body sensations) showed up for you in the relationship.

3) Share heart issues or desires that became inordinately important during the stress. Share about your own repentance and how God gave you perspective in the situation.

4) Ask for what you may need to restore a connection with that person, and talk about how to work through such a stressor together in the future.

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Mariam Coaster
Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist