What to do when your kids just want to hang out in their rooms or on their electronic devices instead of you?  Well, that is what we are talking about today…bonding with your older kids.  In this episode I am going to walk you through some steps to help you find ways to not only spend time and make memories, but to actually enrich your relationships with your kids as they go through pre-teen and teen years.  In addition, there is a mindset shift away from being upset your babies are getting older to a new found freedom for yourself and for them.  I am by no means a parenting expert but I am sharing tips that I have applied through the advice of parenting experts and letting you know what actually worked for me.

Action Items and Tips From the Show


It’s easy to greive the fact that your kids are getting older but don’t get stuck there.  Check in to make sure you are present with them and the current age they are at.  Focus on how awesome this stage of life is!  It can be a ton of fun when you implement the steps below.  Plus, when they are with their friends or spending time alone, it gives you the freedom to explore new hobbies and new levels of balance that you didn’t have when they were little.

Practical tips:

  1. Make a list of the things that your kids are interested in and enjoy
  2. What on this lists interests you….even the littlest?
  3. Think about things that you can experience that combines the things that they enjoy and that you do as well.  Experiences help create more memories and lasting bonds.

Final 3 tips at the end of the episode (these are some tips that I have picked up and applied from other experts that have come on the show over the years:

  1. Listen more than you talk.  Easier said than done, but it keeps us from making up our own stories in our mind which can be really dangerous.
  2. Remember that we are raising adults.  What do you want them to know before they leave the house that will make them a high functioning adult?
  3. Keep traditions from when they were littel alive!  I still tuck them into bed at night and enjoy making them Saturday morning pancakes.  🙂


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