Have you ever been angry as a mom?  Um, I’m sure you have.  Anger is part of overwhelm and it’s a natural emotion.  In this episode, we are talking about how we can work through negative emotions as a mom.  I am joined by fellow working Christian mom, Natalie Hixon.  She is also a life coach, speaker, and author specializing in helping moms that deal with anger, and overwhelm to live their best lives and be the best mom they can be.

About Our Guest

Natalie Hixson is a wife, mother, auntie and certified professional life coach who helps discouraged Christian moms overcome destructive anger and burnout. After learning to thrive in motherhood and process anger in a healthy way, Natalie became convicted to help other moms avoid those dark years of motherhood by helping them to appreciate and process their anger, learn to identify their triggers, and ultimately control their reaction to those triggering situations. She enjoys her own motherhood journey by hanging with her husband Mike and their three daughters in beautiful Bozeman, Montana. She recharges with Jesus, coffee and adventures with her family like skiing in the winter, hiking and swimming in the summer and traveling year-round!

Action Items and Tips From the Show

Practical tips:

  1. Calm down before taking action (and allow your kids to do the same).
  2. Tune in to what is really going on….validate any emotions.
  3. Breath.  

When everything has calmed down, use Natalie’s Trigger Tracker to better understand and control your emotions.

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