Last week we wrapped up our series that lead us to Christmas called walking with Jesus.  I loved hearing from other working moms about their faith and all that Jesus as done in their lives.  

Next week we are starting a new series diving deep into some areas of life that you might have the most pressing goals to achieve for the new year.  I didn’t say new year resolution, but it might be that for you, or just some intentions for the new year, goals for your life or really whatever you want to call it, it doesn’t matter.  But if you are looking for improvement in your health, finances, home or other area of your life, you want to make sure you hit subscribe if you haven’t already so you don’t miss any of the great experts we have lined up.

So, with last week ending a series and next week starting a series, we are in a week of transition.  And really that is what this week has been all about….meaning the week between Christmas and New years.  It is my favorite week of the year because it is quiet, there isn’t that much going on and I can just breath, think, and be.

Every year I use this week to reflect on areas of my life, give gratitude, dream a little and just talk to God about bigger things than I normally get to on a daily bais.  I go through a process that allows me better insight to setting goals and getting ready to accomplish them.  

It is this exact system that I have been teaching to our Life Balance members this week.  If you are not a life Balance member, you can still join us! The great thing is that we are walking through a pre-recorded course that you can start really at anytime.  It’s a 7-day new program that has been added to the membership and it will help you get clear on your goals in a whole new way.  

In this episode, I wanted to share with you one of the priciples that we teach in this progam.  It’s a different way of setting goals than most people do.

Often when we set goals, they are out of pain of some kind.  For example, maybe you want to lose weight because you are not comfortalbe in your clothes, someone has said something to you or you experienced something that was hurtful.  Maybe you had a doctor appointment and the results were scary and it has caused you to look differently at your health. Maybe you are setting goals around your finances because you are tired of working hard and not getting ahead.  Your tired and want to afford a vacation or you are feeling the pinch of debt.

When we feel this pain or discomfort, it moves us to make a change.  When we decide to make a change, we start looking for the solution or a recipe to follow.  This is where things get complicated. Do you know how many diet plans are out there that you could follow?  I don’t either because there are new ones popping up all the time. I always say the best health program out there is the one that you will stick to.  And that is just for health, the same can be said for any area of life that you want to improve.  

Now, there is nothing wrong with seeking outside information, learning, or finding someone that can help you.  But often times we miss a huge step in the process. We forget that if we really want to change, it takes power…willpower.  And guess what? We are not nearly as powerful as our maker is. How much easier would it be to reach your goals if the Spirit of God was working in your favor to help you get there?

Seeking God in our goal setting process is critical for success in achieving it, but more than that, when we are on board with God’s will for any situation, the peace and grace is unmeasurable.

Bringing our desires to God is the first step.  Letting his grace extend past what we are capable of will help us get to where we want to go.  The other awesome things about journeying toward where you want to go with God, is that his grace overflows to other areas of your life.

That is the second point to what we are doing in Life Balance, we are looking at all areas of life, not just the one that is causing pain.  Do you know why it is causing pain? Becuase it has been neglected. When we set a goal based on our pain points alone, we tend to shift the focus to the one area of life and that can set us off balance and strart to neglect other areas of our life….you guessed it…they will be come future pain points.  It starts to create a cycle. 

Think about it as if you were spinning plates on poles like they do in the circus.  When you go the method of focusing on the one area that needed the most, you are not paying attention to the other plates spinning until they are just about ready to crash.  Then you have to rush to rescue the other areas before they come crashing to the ground.

Instead, if you have a system to keep the plates all going, and you are able to calmly check in on each one, give it a little of what it needs to keep going, it becomes much more managable.  And when life happens and the unexpected happens, if you followed the first step, you have the Holy Spirit by your side to help you.

That is exactly what we are doing inside Life Balance Membership.  Teaching you the system to do just that. That is what has always been in the membership.  The new course that we are going through right now, is really helping you first look to God for a vision for the year and then assessing each area of your life to get a direction toward what is needed to keep that area healthy.  Once we go through each area, then it’s all about taking that direction you have discoved and bringing it back to God. This prepares you to be able to live it out with the Life Balance System.



This is the kind of exercise that we are doing for each area of life.  It’s real. It’s not sexy. But it give you a clear vision of where you are and what you need to be focused on.  

Now we we are setting goals in Life Balance, it’s not to solve all the things.  It is about making progress in 90-days. That is the goal.  

I have said this before, but in case you have not heard me say it or you just need a reminder:

You can set goals in all areas of your life….and you should.  Goals are different than a life change. Want to lose 50 lbs? That is a life change not a goal.  Looking for a new career? That’s a life change. Having a baby? That is a life change. While you can have multiple goals, I don’t recommend multiple life changes.  You will go into survive mode and it’s not only difficult, it will painful.

Your life change might be to lose 50lbs but your 90-day health goal might be to focus on your water everyday, sticking to your eating plan, or adding in physical activity.  

I hope these tips help you as you start to look toward the new year.  Let me recap what we talked about.

  1.  Look to God and his strength before you start after your goals in your own.
  2. Look to set goals in all areas of your life, not just one.
  3. A life change is different than a goal.  Don’t do more than one life change at a time.

Like I said at the begininning of this episdoe, it’s not too late to join us inside of Life Balance Membership and go through this 7-day process for yourself.  You can upgrade right inside the app or by going to Life Balance


Next week we are back and starting our new series!  If you are new to the show, our new series is reflective of what we are all about.  I’ll be brining you expert guests in each of the 8 areas of life to help inspire you to be the best version of yourself in each area.  Be sure to subscribe so you don’t miss it!


Until next week, keep building a life that rocks


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