Ok, it’s been a few months till school started and the year will be ending in a couple of months.  What a perfect time to check in with yourself and do a little self-coaching.  Specifically, I am going to walk you through a little assessment that you can do with your career and parenting areas of life, but really, you can use this same process with any area of your life.

Action Items and Tips From the Show

Let’s start with your career.  First, review the 4th quarter goals that you had planned for yourself, or others gave to you.

Here are a few questions to ask yourself.

  1. Is it still possible?
  2. Is there anything that needs to be adjusted?
  3. When you break it down to the tasks that need to be done, what do you want to accomplish vs what you need  to accomplish?

If you struggle to prioritize the tasks that will get you closest to your goal, ask yourself these questions.

  1. What is required by someone else (aka your boss)?
  2. What is needed by someone else to complete another project?
  3. What will bring the biggest value to my bigger picture goals? (think 3-5 years out)

Once you have thought through these things, move your tasks to a project management software or your calendar.  I have always used Asana for Project Management, and still love it.  But when you combine the projects with day to day tasks and your calendar, it can be hard to loose focus of what you actually need to be doing.  I recently found a new tool that helps with all that.  It’s called Sunsama and it’s awesome!  Since I started using it, my productivity has gone through the roof!  Check it out for free for two weeks by going to YourLifeRocks.com/PlanYourDay. 

Now, let’s talk about parenting.  It’s a great time to check in with your kids….not just school wise but with everything else too.

There are 5 elements to revisit with yourself and with them.

Knowledge-What are they learning?  Does anything need to be supplemented outside of school (could be clubs, online programs, tutors)?

Skill-Are they growing in the areas that they need?

Social-Are they making friends? Learning to interact with others?

Emotional-How are they doing?  

Physical-Are they healthy?  What do they need?

Once you have looked at each area, make a plan of what needs to be done to help them out.  Priortize that list and then, if you are a nerd like me, you can plug it into your project management software.  Yep, I have a project for each kid.  It helps keep me in balance as I am planning my day.

While you are doing this mid fall check-in, go ahead and check in with any other area of life that you have a big goal in.  The same principles apply regardless of the area that you are looking at.  Assess the reality, make a plan, prioritize, put it into action.

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