Do you have a dream for your life?  We talk a lot about goals on this podcast, but what about something bigger?  Maybe God has planted something in your heart that you are longing for or maybe you have been so busy and just trying to keep things moving forward that you have forgotten how to dream.  In this episode, you’ll learn how to start dreaming again, how to gain clarity around your dream, and how to begin to move toward it.  I am joined by our guest, Angie McNulty a coach that specializes in helping working moms as a life, financial, and leadership coach.  She is a John Maxwell certified Coach and we are talking through the differences between a goal and a dream, how to involve God in your dreaming process, and how to start taking action to make your dream your reality.

About Our Guest

Angie is a life, financial and leadership coach with her specialty being in helping working moms to find peace and balance so they can achieve their goals without the guilt. She is a wife, mother of three kids (14, 13 & 10), and two dogs. She loves self-development; whether it be reading books, seminars, workshops, or podcasts.

She has been coaching since 2013. Became a certified coach in 2017 at iPEC (Institute for Professional Excellence in Coaching). She is also a Dave Ramsey Preferred Coach and will finish her John Maxwell Coaching Certification in August 2019, which means she has more skills and tools to share with her clients.

Angie offers individual coaching, group coaching, training, workshops, team building & speaking.

Action Items and Tips From the Show

How to dream, build your dreams into your goals & still keep life balance.

  • Creating a vision for your dream – schedule 10 minutes a day to spend time with your dream and God
  • Using that vision to create your goals – lifetime > 5 years > 1 year > 1 month > 1 week > daily
  • Taking your goals to put into your everyday life – putting your goals in your calendar
  • Are you willing to pay the price for your dreams? – not just financially, sacrifice of time, giving up other things in life, making a commitment to your dream
  • Cost of letting your dream die 

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