If you missed last week, we talked about how to create the most awesome summer for your family but today we are talking all about you!  How are you going to make this summer your best summer yet?  I have you covered!  In this episode, I’m giving you some tips and tricks to help you really focus in on your self-care in ways that don’t feel selfish, take a lot of time or money.  This one is for you!

Action Items and Tips From the Show

  • Do your planning-planning is self-care
  • Refresh your morning routine
  • Plan your spiritual walk 
    • Check out the article in May’s Lifestyle Guide in the app for ideas
    • Get a new Devotional
    • Find a new Worship playlist
    • Take Prayer Walks
  • Take care of your health-Make yourself a priority 
    • Looking to lose some weight or just get your eating dialed in?  Try the program I swear by!  It’s called lean.  Get started by going to yourliferocks.com/lean
    • When you join Life Balance Membership in the month of June, you’ll get immediate access to my training and workbook to help you make meal planning simple!  Get started by going to LifeBalanceMembership.com or upgrade right inside your app.
  • What have you always wanted to do?
    • Swim?  Hike? Lake vacation?  Do it!
  • Plan fun things with friends
    • Summer events/concerts
    • Outside dining
    • Invite them over for a patio party

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