Summer is here!  Are you ready to make it the most awesome summer ever?  Talk about pressure, right?  How do you feel when you hear you only have 18 summers with your kids?  If you are like me, it causes anxiety (especially when you do the math to figure out how many more summers you have with them).

Not to worry!  In this episode, we are talking about the simple ways that you can plan an awesome summer full of memory making moments.  We are keeping it simple and doable….just as summer should be.

Action Items and Tips From the Show

  1. Identify what you and your family value from summertime.  Let those things drive your planning process.
  2. Create a summer bucket list.  What do you and your family members really want to do this summer?  What are those must do events?  It can be really simple stuff like go fishing or make smores.  Get everyone to share their ideas and put them down on paper.  I love using the large presentation paper with a sticky back so we can write big, write a lot, get creative, and then post it up in the house where we can see it all season long.  Here is the link to the one that we use.
  3. Think about your summer planning in terms of balance.  We talk about balance within our three pillars.  Faith, community and systems.
  • Faith:  How are you helping your kids grow spiritually this summer?  Summer is a great time for development and discovery so let’s have God be a big part of that.  Connect with your church on summer camps, day programs, or other activities.  Give them a summer reading plan or buy them a bible study.
  • Community:  How are you building a community for your kids?  I want my kids to have an awesome summer but that doesn’t mean that it’s by my side or that I have to do everything.  Are there family members or close friends that your kids can spend time with this summer?  
  • Systems:  Everyone’s kids are at different ages and have different schedules for summer, so I’m not going to deep dive into it here.  But if you want some ideas, be sure to follow me on Instagram and I’ll share some in my stories over there.

Overall, what are the goals that you have for your kids this summer?  

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