Do you have a place to rest and recharge?  What if you had a place that you could go, like in your own house?  Often, our master bedrooms become a dumping ground so the rest of our homes stay put together.  If you are looking for more rest in your life, this just might be a project to tackle.  The great thing is, you can make this process easy or complex.  Today, we are joined by Monique Horb, a professional organizer at Organizing Your Chaos.  She is going to take us through step by step just like she was right there with you cleaning your space.  This is our last part of our Spring Cleaning series, I hope you enjoy!

About Our Guest

Monique Horb is the owner of Organizing Your Chaos. She helps busy women have more time, energy, and money by helping them organize their home, paper, and schedules.  This is done with in-home and virtual organizing sessions, paper organizing workshops and courses, and one on one coaching so that women can live their passion and purpose.
She began her business, Organizing Your Chaos, because of her desire to help people gain control of their homes and lives. Through life’s twists and turns, she learned that with an organized home she was able to face each day with hope and encouragement. She likes to say life is easier organized and wants to help others achieve that.
She lives in Valparaiso, IN with her husband of 25 years and is a mother to six children. She is a graduate of Taylor University with BA in Sociology & Psychology. She loves sunshine, Jesus, good books, sweet tea, and her family.


Action Items and Tips From the Show

Steps to organize your Master Bedroom:

Get the full guide plus more tips for organizing your house from Monique by clicking here.

  1. Your vision. How do you want your bedroom to function? Decide what you want to use your bedroom for.
  2. Take out the trash.
  3. Take out the dirty laundry. Use a laundry basket, this will help contain the dirty clothes.
  4. Sort your clothes to decide what you love. Take them all out of your closet and dresser and try them ALL on! Does it FIT, does it FLATTER, is it FUN? Ask yourself, would someone else get more use out of it than me? If so, let it go: share, sell, donate.
  5. Does your closet function well? Do you need to add clothing rods or shelving?  Do you like the doors on or off your closet?  Can you put a dresser in your closet?
  6. Declutter your drawers, tops of dressers, chairs, cabinets, nightstands, and under your bed. Get rid of everything you don’t want or need in your bedroom. You may be surprised at what you have been storing here.
  7. Are you storing things in your bedroom that doesn’t belong? Remove them and put them away.
  8. Do you need furniture or do you have too much furniture? Does it function well or do you need to make changes? 
  9. Clean your room!

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