Parenting can be hard to navigate especially when we think of all the things that we need to teach our kids in order to raise healthy adults.  Combine that with the big job of balancing everything else and things just get complicated.  To help simplify this (and inspire us), we are joined by Dr. Maylin Griffiths who is a wife, mother, and clinical child psychologist.  In this episode, we are talking about how to teach our kids how to make healthy relationships/friendships.  

About Our Guest

Dr. Maylin is a wife, mother, and clinical child psychologist.  She spent the past 12 years working with children and families in inpatient units, residential settings, and outpatient care.  Through her clinical work, she discovered everyone is really just doing the best they can for the children they care the most about.  Through her personal experiences as a mom, she discovered that parenting is HARD.  Really Hard.  What she also discovered is that being PROACTIVE rather than REACTIVE has made a huge difference in her confidence as a parent and in her relationship with her children.  Dr. Maylin developed Raising Character as a way of integrating clinical knowledge and proactive parenting with the belief that raising children should be fun, enjoyable, and memorable. She’s on a mission to raise children we’ll admire as adults.

Action Items and Tips From the Show

  • Let’s talk values for this:
    • What are your family’s values?
    • What are your child’s values?
    • Why are these values important to you and your child?
  • Next, let’s talk about behaviors:
    • What behaviors show these values?
    • Example if kindness is a value – what behaviors show kindness?
    • Example: if integrity is a value, then telling the truth is a behavior.
  • Finally, let’s link these two together:
    • We seek relationships with those who have similar values to us
    • We show our values in our behaviors
    • Let’s look for friends that show these behaviors we value
  • When our child’s friend’s do not seem healthy we can ask:
    • “Are your friend’s behaviors consistent with values that are important to you”
  • I find it’s best not to use force and to encourage choice to get the desired behavior
    • So encourage your child to make the best choices
    • Versus forcing them to not be friends with someone
    • Encouraging statements versus control and force

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