We talk a lot about weekly prep here on the show because it is one of the main systems we teach to help you create balance in your life as a working mom.  In fact, if you have not yet grabbed our free course, Weekly Success Planning, I highly recommend that you do.  You can get it inside the Your Life Rocks app on Android or iTunes or go to WeeklySuccessPlanning.com

But let’s face it, a large part of what we do outside of work is for our kids.  So this episode was a long time coming.  In fact, the idea for this show came from our awesome community of other working Christian moms.  Are you a member?  Click here to join us on Facebook.

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Action Items and Tips From the Show

Areas to help your kids create balance for:

  • Faith
  • Friends
  • Health
  • Family
  • Education
  • Money
  • Personal responsibility for their things
  • Fun

When doing your planning, here are age recommendations for how much to involve your kids:

  • 0-5 Do for them
  • 6-12-include them
  • 13-17 lead them

Practical tips:

  1. Decide what areas of life are applicable to your kids
  2. Set intentions for each of those areas (involve your kids in the process)
  3. Look at the week ahead and try to spot any potential obstacle that could derail the intentions
  4. Remove any obstacles you can
  5. Prep schedule, people, needs, and things. 

Now that we are getting into the thick of this, it’s important to note that there are two purposes here.  1. Teach your kids this life skill. 2. Actually prep for the upcoming week.

If you feel like you are not ready for number one, head straight to number two with no shame.  If you don’t want to involve your kids, you are not ready for that, they are not ready for that or any other reason that you do not need to justify….that is totally fine.

I know that this list sounds long and exhausting.  As moms, we do a lot. And that is why it’s good to involve your kids.  Even if they don’t set the intentions, have them help you do the things.  My older son and I go through his schedule for the week together. He can pull it up on his computer and we go through what he has going on, what he needs, and who is doing what.  It’s a great time of connection. You can also delegate some this to your husband or other caregivers. But you get to direct the show.

So now you get to put this into practice.  You can do this!

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