Spring is here!  With the change of seasons, I can’t help but want to clean and organize my house.  To help us in this process, we are joined by professional organizer Monique Horb.  In this episode, she walks us through the step by step process of organizing our kitchen.  The kitchen is the heart of the home and you will reap the benefits of doing this as you do your weekly prep.

About Our Guest

Monique Horb has a passion for helping women who are busy, tired, and overwhelmed. She does this by organizing homes and paper piles so that women can be more productive, have time and energy to live their purpose and live the life they want. She loves to say, Life Is Easier Organized!

She began her business, Organizing Your Chaos, after experiencing depression, bankruptcy, adoption, marriage, and medical crisis. These things were out of her control, and her home was falling apart. Through twists and turns, she learned that with an organized home she was able to manage.

Monique was raised in southwest Michigan and graduated from Taylor University, a Christian college in Indiana, with a BA in Sociology & Psychology. She met her husband through a friend while working at Spring Hill Camps in Michigan. They have been married for twenty-five years and have six children, two dogs, and a cat. Her life experiences have pushed her out of her comfort zone and shaped the business that she created.

She loves to help women who struggle to get their homes organized.  She knows that the simple (yet difficult) act of getting your home organized gives hope. Hope propels us forward, gives confidence, and allows changes to happen. This can change your life.

When asked, “How do you do it?” she responds, “I get up and get dressed.”

She believes that being willing to take off the mask, ask for help and work hard, alongside faith in God, has changed her life. She continues to help women change their lives, and shares that we are all better when we are in community together.

Action Items and Tips From the Show

Zones:  food storage, food prep, cooking, baking

Food Storage:

  • Pantry, refrigerator, freezer
  • Check expiration dates
  • Pantry…put like items together, take out of the packaging
  • Leftovers: glass/plastic storage containers
  • Freezer…date, divide the food onto shelves by kind
    • upright:  baskets labeled, ziplock bags labeled, “file”
    • chest freezer into kinds, store in bags which can be easy to lift out

Food Prep Area:

  • Mixing bowls, utensils, marinade, faucet

Cooking Area:

  • Pots, pans, knives, cutting boards, spoon, pot holder, books, oil, vinegar, herbs, spices (mark with date)


  • Flour, sugar, baking pans, etc.

Breakfast Pre Area:

  • Breakfast foods, basket

Lunch Prep Area:

  • Lunch boxes, plastic cups/plates, plastic silverware, ziplock bags
  • Snacks, individual portions


    • Stackable shelves
    • Bins/labels
    • Pull out shelf for base cabinets
    • Undershelf basket
    • Over the door rack
    • Armoire if not enough pantry room
    • Lazy susan…..on a table, in the fridge, in a cabinet
    • Air-tight containers
    • Potrack
    • Drawer dividers
    • Expandable shelves
    • Handled plastic bins

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