Well, the first month of 2019 is in the books.  How was this month for you? Did you move closer to your goals?  Are you living in the intentions that you set at the new year? The funny thing about life is that it moves pretty fast.  We plan, we live and we move on. But the best way to really learn, grow and see what God is doing in our lives is by taking a moment to look back.  In this episode of the Your Life Rocks podcast, that is what we are doing. I will walk you through the steps to take at the end of each month so you can stack the rocks and remember what God brought you through.

Main points from the show:

  • Review the previous month making a list of all the substantial events

  • Take time to think of each one and journal what the significance of the event was.

  • Reflect on what God has done through these events

  • Select 3 things that you did, decisions you made, habits you built that you are proud of and want to continue

  • Select a few things (no more than 3) that God is working on in you.  Like lessons you are learning from the situations of the previous month.

What’s next

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