Episode 182:  Getting Into The Word of God When Life Gets Busy

Episode 182: Getting Into The Word of God When Life Gets Busy

When life gets busy, it’s easy to skip the things we need the most and this includes getting into the word of God.  This week we are giving you strategies to find ways to connect with God, study the word, and keep your faith thriving even in the busiest of seasons. 

Action Items and Tips From the Show

  • Let go of what you expect your time with God to look like.  Be open to experiencing him in any way.
  • Make a list of possibilities for you.
    • My sample list:
      1. Morning routine reading the bible
      2. Morning routine prayer walk
      3. Morning routine prayer journal
      4. Shower mediation and prayer
      5. Shower with praise music
      6. Getting ready listening to a sermon
      7. Getting ready listening to worship music
      8. Driving to work with a sermon
      9. Driving to work with an audio bible
      10. Driving to work listening to worship music
      11. Reading the Bible during your lunch break
      12. Watching a sermon during your lunch break
      13. Reading a devotional during your lunch break
      14. Anything you can do during a morning routine you can do during your lunch break
      15. Listen to workshop music while you work
      16. Listen to a sermon while you work
      17. Same ideas coming home from work as going to work
      18. Listen to worship music while you make dinner
      19. Reading your bible before bed
      20. Reading with your kids (God can use the kid’s bible to speak to you too)
      21. Doing a prayer walk after dinner
      22. Prayer journaling before bed

This is a big list, but you get the idea.  When we do number one, it opens us up to so much more.

Ok, so you find the time, then what?  The music part is kind of easy. I love Spotify and have several playlists.  Some of them are built into our courses in the membership (meaning we link to them).  You can find them by searching Your Life Rocks (or click right here). But use whatever music service you want.  You can search for exactly what you need. Pray that God will bring the write songs to speak into your day.

When it comes to sermons, there are many to choose from if you head on over to youtube.  Be careful who you listen to….they let just about anyone start a youtube channel. My two favorites right now are anything by Francis Chan, Transformation church, or Rock Point church.  

One of our Life Balance Members was also telling me recently about the Commuter Bible podcast….not that I want you to leave this podcast and go listen to a different one, but it will help you listen to the bible in a year.  I can get behind that.

Let’s talk devotionals.  In our April Lifestyle guide, you’ll find a recommendation list of devotionals to choose from.  The lifestyle guide is new and totally free. You can find it inside the app and learn more about it on yourliferocks.com

But, let’s talk about the Bible.  Yes, do what you can do. But getting into the word of God is where you will find your gold.  That is where you will seek him. He is always seeking you and when you worship or set time aside to do all the other things we talked about, you are opening yourself up to hear from him.  But when you seek after him, want to know him on a deeper level…that is always when God has revealed amazing truths. It’s when I fall deeper in love with who he is. Getting into the Bible is the gold standard.

But can we be real?  It can be hard. Distractions creep in.  of course, they do. The devil does not want you in the word.  That should be a sign that we need to pursue it.

So here are my favorite ways to study the bible.  After all, sometimes a little structure helps. Just promise me that you will Let the spirit lead, not any of these formats.  If the spirit takes you off course, that is ok. More than ok.

My favorite way to study the Bible is topic based.  Our bible study inside the membership is a topic based study.  You have a topic and you are researching it to see what the word says.  The study inside the membership is called Setting Goals in Gods will and will direct you to scripture about the 8 areas of life that we talk about at Your Life Rocks so you can see what he says about it.  

But you can use the back of your bible or biblestudytools.com to search topics that are relevant to where you are.  The My Version Bible app has a similar search function as well.

Then when you find your verse.  Go deep. You can use the SOAP method.

  • S is for scripture.  Write it out as you read it.  It will use a different part of your brain
  • O is for observation.  What can you learn from this passage?  What’s interesting or stands out?
  • A is for application.  How does this verse apply to your life?  To your situation? This is the one that I often have to pray about.  Not always, sometimes it is plain as day but other times, I want God to take me deeper.  To show me new parts of me and new parts of him.
  • P is for prayer.  Praying over what you have experienced with the verse and I always ask God to keep it marinating in me.  To reveal new things throughout the day. To show me how it applies to my life and to help me to be obedient to it.

There are many acronyms that get you a similar result.  Power, reap, 5 P’s

Pick what suits you and when you want something fresh, go with a new one.  Seriously, go to Pinterest and type in Bible study methods. Find a pretty picture that summarizes one and take a screenshot and make it your wallpaper on your phone to remind you. 

However you approach bringing God into your day, I pray that you give one of these ideas a try. He is waiting for you.  

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