To say this back to school season is different than usual is an understatement.  But regardless of what school will look like for your kids, there are some strong foundations that as the mom, we can provide for our kids.
Did you know that there are 8 areas of life for our kids that we can help them balance?  In this episode, we dive into them and how we can help our kids be well equipped for the year ahead.

Action Items and Tips From the Show

As our kids are going back to school, it’s important that we focus on the things that we can control.

  1. When it comes to rapid changes with how our kids are doing school (distance, in-classroom, etc), there are things that we can keep consistent for them.  For example, morning and nighttime routines, and weekly and or daily check-ins.
  2. Think outside of school.  There are so many different areas of life.  How can you support their growth and help them thrive in these other areas?
  3. Get organized!  Focus on setting up their calendar, environment, and communicate the goals that you set for your kids with all caregivers.  

You can get the full detailed guide that will walk you through step by step how to set this up.  Click here

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Let this e the best school year yet!

Get your digital guide to support you and your kids as you go back to school to ground you to lead your children with intention.

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