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How to Create Balance


Seek God First

Giving your life to God and walking it out with Jesus by your side is the only way to find the joy you are seeking.  Don’t hold anything (or any part of your life) back.  He wants to work it all together for good.  They call him the Prince of Peace for good reason.

Be in Community

Loving on others.  When Life gets busy, our world can get small as we focus on our immediate lives.  When our world is small, our struggles seem big.  Keep fighting against a small world.  Pray for others, serve and love others, and surround yourself with others.

Find Systems for Balance

Follow systems that brings order to your time, home, and relationships. This is where Your Life Rocks comes in.  Through our weekly podcast, online community, and Life Balance System, you will learn the system that has worked for hundreds of other Christian working moms.

Redefining Balance for Working Moms Podcast

Listen in to our weekly podcast to hear guest experts teaching on faith, marriage, parenting, career, home, health, finances, friendship and more!

Balance is possible…..yes even for you!

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