Today’s show is getting really personal…most shows are but this one is my personal story.  If you have ever wondered who the person is behind the voice you listen to, now you will know.  I have shared bits in pieces in previous episodes, but it’s been a long while and recently, a few new members into our Facebook community have been asking about what I do, what Your Life Rocks is all about…..all that good stuff.  So I figured, it was time we officially met….like fully.

Let’s start with Your Life Rocks and why it even exists.  Your Life Rocks is a resource based company and our goal is to support and equip working Christian moms.  As a working Christian mom, I could never find the right thing.

There are many great recouses to help you grow in your career and leadership, but a lot of it is a man’s voice…or if you do find a women’s voice is carries heavy the values and qualities of the world and not the kingdom.  When I want to grow in my faith, a lot of women’s ministries cater to stay at home moms or an older generation.  I can’t make a 9:30 am Thursday morning bible study because I am working….I won’t get into the guilt that comes from being a working Christian mom and the church.  I might dive deeper into that topic when I have a trusted friend on as a guest with me.  But let me just say, I didn’t feel like I fit in.

Then there are the culture messages all around us about our marriage, our bodies, and health, how to parent…..there is a ton of information in this world right now and if you are not careful in guarding your minds and your hearts, it is easy to be influenced into having a world view about these things.  It’s a slow fade full of justifications and next thing we know we are doing the opposite of honoring our husbands.

When I started Your Life Rocks, I had no idea what it would be.  I just felt God pushing me to it.  I started it as a blog that I would write while traveling for my job.  It was something that felt productive but not work related to work on while I was sitting on an airplane.  I did podcasts for my day job and loved it, and really wanted to add a podcast to the mix, so I did.  In the beginning, it was just about providing information to help working moms.  Providing the resources that were from a Godly point of view for everything a working mom juggles.  But you know what?  I kept getting responses from women that I was trying to help saying that they just couldn’t keep up with life.  That they wanted to be a better mom, wife, leader….but they just couldn’t find the time, they were exhausted and always felt behind.  

I knew exactly what they were talking about….because I have been there and if I’m honest, I return there time and again but now, it’s just a moment and it’s usually just around the time of the month.  I knew what it felt like to be drowning.  To fit the urge to burst into tears when someone asks how you are.  To be kept up at night with anxiety, and fear.  It is painful.

When I started Your Life Rocks, I worked for Network Marketing company in the Health and wellness space.  I was the country director of Canada, and me not being Canadian and living near our corporate headquarters in Arizona, I found myself on a plane a lot.  Working long hours, raising two little boys, and keeping up with it all.  My life was pretty balanced, peaceful, and not really chaotic.  Hearing from these women reminded me of my past and where I was just a few years prior.  But I wasn’t there anymore.  

And that is when Your Life Rocks turned to focus on teaching about Life Balance.  

Let me tell you what life was like a few years before….when things were ugly out of balance.  I’m not proud of that part of my life, but I wouldn’t trade it for anything.  It’s where God grew me up and equipped me for this work that I am doing now.  But it was a very painful time.

I was working for a cosmetic Direct Seller at the time (yes, the majority of my career has been spent as a coach, trainer, and doing operations and sales on the corporate side of direct selling companies).  When things started to get really unbalanced was when I took a promotion that required me to travel from Oregon, where we lived, to New York every week for training for 6 weeks.  Then, I was assigned to working on a project in Pittsburg, again traveling every week.  Let me just pause here and say, that I knew what I was getting into with all the travel.  At this time my kids were 6 and 2.  Before I had my youngest, I worked for a weight loss company managing 34 stores in Washington state and Northern California.  I traveled every other week and knew what life on the road was all about.  And we prayed, a lot before I took the job.  We really felt like it was the right decision for our family and I felt strongly that it was what God wanted me to do.  But I tried to do it all in my own strength and that is where I went wrong.

While traveling like a crazy person, I wasn’t taking care of myself.  I was solely focused on doing a good job, impressing the right people, and that was it.  I ate and drank whatever, my sleep was all over the place, and I had no systems for life management in place.  On the weekends I was exhausted.  I would just lay on the couch.  Too tired for church, for friends, for family, to do fun things with the kids…..but I was providing for the family.  My husband was a stay at home dad, so I figured, “The kids are taken care of and that’s what matters”.

My husband started getting tired too.  His role of single dad without getting a break was breaking him.  So we decided to get help.  His dad was going through a lot of medical issues and really needed to retire.  So as a win-win, we decided to buy a bigger house and move my in-laws in with me.  What made logical sense in our heads, seemed really wrong in my heart.  But I never said anything.

As we were setting everything up, I felt like I was replacing myself in my family.  Detatching from them so I could work more.  I won’t go into too much detail to protect everyone that was involved, but it was not good.  I felt like I was no longer a mom, a wife, a person.  I was full of anger and confusion.  Just barely getting by.  My marriage was hanging on by a thread and had my husband not been such a strong man of God, it probably would have ended.  My kids suffered, my health was horrible, needless to say, it was the worst, a dark time.  But in that God worked it all together for good.  He brought along the right mentors in my life.  He brought along the right resources and through his grace and love I was able to build the right systems to balance it all.  

To be the wife my husband needed, the mom my kids deserved to take care of my health and most importantly, for me to put God first and foremost in my life. And it required a lot of changes in order for us to rebuild into a much healthier place, but that healthy place is where I was when I created Your Life Rocks.  

So getting these messages from these women, just reminded me so much of that painful place that I was in and that is when I knew.  That is when I knew for sure that I needed to show them the things that I learned during that time.  And that is when Life balance membership, courses, planners, and all of those resources were born.

Through my experience working corporately for Direct Sales and Network Marketing companies, I had a lot of experience in putting together training programs and delivering the training.  Whether it be in group settings or one on one coaching.  

I wanted to use these skills to help other women who felt like they were drowning and the darkness was closing in.  and they just really had no other options on their way out.  And that is where the course inside Life Balance really helps you reset, restructure, and build a life that has balance.  A few episodes back we did an episode on the 3 pillars of Life Balance.  I beleive we called it the 3 secrets to life balance, because, well secrets sounds more exciting.

But they really are not that big of a secret.  They are pretty common sense, but common sense things we don’t often think about.

  1. Jesus….everything points to him.  That is how we build the course, Life Balance (inside Life Balance Membership) because that is the only way that I found light in the darkness.  It was through Jesus.  If you are in overwhelm, he is the only way to calm the storm.

Balance is scriptural.  We have an upcoming episode all about what scripture has to say about it.

  1. Taking the focus off yourself.  Praying for other people keeps you from getting too close to your problems.  The closer you get the bigger they are.  I was so close to my problems when I was unbalanced that they consumed me.  This is why community is such a big part of Life balance and of your life rocks.  We pray for each other.

  2. Systems.  God has gifted me with be a system person.  I was lost without these systems.  Once I had them, they gave me order in my life and I could see things clearly.  Like one of our members said, “It’s like I have a blueprint for my life.  I can see it and where it’s going.”

Provide resources for all areas of life because when you are growing in all areas that is how we define life balance.  You are either growing or shrinking.  During my dark time, I was shrinking and shriveling in so many areas of my life.

These three pillars took me out of the darkness.  

So now you know a bit about me and the back ground of Your Life Rocks. 

This August will be two years since I started the blog and in November it will be two years of the podcast.

I was really just taking a step of faith because I felt God told me to.  I had no idea what I was doing, what it would turn into, or how long I would be doing it.  

Then the unthinkable happened.

I was no longer interested in climbing the corporate ladder.  I looked at the next position in the progression of my career, and it was even more travel and it wasn’t a position that excited me.  IT was weird, and the first time I wasn’t working hard for that next promotion.  About the same time, my grandma passed away.  My grandma was the most important woman in my life.  She suffered from my unbalance.  She wanted to see her great grandbabies and I was too tired to involve her in their lives.  It hurt her and that hurt me.  That pain of losing her fueled me to pursue something different for my life.  I didn’t know what, but I just gave it to God to figure out the details. I figured if he put something in my heart, he would see it through.

It was what I least expected.  It was March, a year ago this last March, when my husband and I experienced an escape room with our kids on their spring break from school.  It was a ton of fun and on the way home, we were talking about how smart that business model was.  The crazy thing is, we couldn’t stop thinking about it.  And we were both researching to see if it would even be possible.  Within a few weeks, we felt like God said go.  So we did.

I gave notice at my job in April, it wasn’t a job that you give two weeks notice from so I worked until June.  in that time we sold our home and just about everything else we owned and drove home to Oregon from Arizona.  It was a huge step in faith.

When we got to Oregon, we didn’t have a place to live and they were having a housing crisis.  It happened very fast and it was very scary.  But God saw us through and provided for us.  We started building the business in the fall and opened up in December.  I am now working for my husband as the VP of sales and marketing.  

Now, let me say, It is a family business and legally we both own it.  But for the sake of our marriage, I work for my husband.  He needs to own this business and he does an amazing job.  It’s his baby, just like Your Life Rocks is my baby.

This transition took a ton of courage.  God is good.

I feel so blessed that God has carried me over the years.  I am so thankful for the lessons he taught me.  I am also so very thankful that I get to give back to other ambitious Christian women looking for more balance in their lives.

So, if you are in a place where you need clarity and balance in your life, I am glad you found us.  Here are the steps for you to follow to begin to create balance for you.

  1. Listen to the podcast.  Be sure you hit subscribe so you don’t miss any future episodes and I hope you go back and listen to a couple past episodes as well.

  2. Join the Facebook group.  We learn together, support each other, pray, ask questions….it’s a great group of ladies!

  3. Sign up for our free mini class called Weekly Success Planning.  It will equip you with a basic system to be proactive about reaching your goals with balance by upleveling your Sunday prep.

  4. Join our membership.  We want to help you grow closer to your goals in your faith, marriage, parenting, career, health, finances, home, and friends/fun.  Because God created you to do mighty amazing things.  We are called to be the light in this world.  Not be like the world and full of overwhelm living on caffeine, can’t wait till Friday, exhausted, and barely surviving.  You are made for so much more.

  5. Work on growing in all areas of life through other courses we provide and experts that we have partnered with.  If you are ready to make some serious traction, let’s work together with one on one coaching.

Also, if you are in the direct sales, network marketing, I offer business coaching and courses for you!

So now you know all about me and Your Life Rocks.  Now, I want to get to know you.  Pop on over the Facebook group and introduce yourself.  Or send me an email and let me know who you are.  My email is Jenny @ Your Life