This is a piggyback episode…meaning it is piggybacking off episode 70, where I walked you through all 8 steps of Weekly Success Planning.  I kid you not, if you are looking to create balance in your life, then being intentional is key!  There is no better way to be intentional than to be clear on your goals and being proactive about reaching those goals.  If you missed it, click on the button below.  You can also click on the button to get your free Sunday prep tool kit (we like to call it Weekly Success Planning)


Ok, so these 5 steps are very specific to your career.  By implementing this into your weekly routine, you are intentionally setting yourself up for success in your career.  And like our Bible verse of the week says (well, basically), if you are going to do something, do it well.  So, here are the 5 steps.

1. Pick a set time and day that you will commit to sticking to each and every week.  

Put it as a standing appointment that repeats on your calendar.  I want you to protect this time.  Don’t compromise it for anything.  For me, I hold 2-3 hours on a Friday afternoon to do this.  Why Friday?  Because Monday is chaotic and the rest of the week isn’t much better.  Friday afternoon is when I don’t really want to be starting a new project.  There are generally no meetings and it’s quieter.  Plus (and this is a big reason) it allows you to address some things so you can just set your work down and enjoy your family on the weekend.

2. Review Your goals.

Often we set goals for our careers once a quarter or maybe semi-annually…and then we forget about them.  This is your opportunity to stay on top of them and dare I say, hit them.  Maybe you have projects you are working on, targets you are working to meet.  This is that precious time where you can look at where you are in comparison to them. 

Ask yourself, “What are the next steps that need to be done?” and then ask yourself “When that is done, what will be next?”.  This will help you determine if there is anything that needs to be set into motion.  For example: getting a topic on a meeting agenda might take some time.  These questions allow you to be more proactive.

If you love to make lists, you will love this step.  I want you to list it all out.  

  • What has already been done

  • What needs to be done

  • Conversations you need to have

  • Things to delegate

Get it all out on paper.

3. Set appointments and reminders.

If there are meetings you need to have, set them up and get them on your calendar.  Set up reminders on your calendar to check on things, add notes to existing meetings so you can remember to delegate things, ask questions, or get approval.  This will make you shine!  You will be the most on top of it person in the office.

As an extra tip, create file folders for your boss and your team.  That way you can have papers, reports, post it notes….really anything and everything you need for your meetings set for the next week.  That way you don’t forget anything during the meeting and it keeps you from having paper all over your desk.

4. Clean up your communication.



I don’t know about you, but stress and pressure build when I owe communication to people.  Unanswered emails, unreturned phone calls….it swallows me.  This step is not only about helping you get ahead on your to-do list, but also letting some of this stress go before you check out for the weekend.  If you have too many phone calls to return, you can at least send an email to set up a time to chat next week.  One tip, filter your emails so it shows all the ones from the last week.  Quickly go through and see which ones still need a response.  If you get good at, you can start to star your emails that require your action…but that is another habit.

5. Update your systems.

You know all those systems that you wish you had?  Or the ones that you implemented but didn’t keep up on? This is your precious time to keep them updated and working for you.  Every Friday, I clean up my Trello boards.  If you don’t know about Trello….Click here to check it out.  (I’m thinking of putting together a training inside our Life Balance Membership.)

Your welcome.

Just one quick thing to add to this one.  Clean your desk.  The last thing I do before I go for the weekend is to wipe off my desk and make sure everything is neat and tidy.  Having a clean space is so refreshing and a great way to start Monday.  Plus, less clutter around you, less clutter in you.

So there you have it, your 5 steps to setting your week up for success in your career.   I hope you pop over to our Facebook community to join in on this conversation.  Click the button below for instant access.