3 Ways To Shift Your Attitude

Let me start off by saying, there are many great things that come with having kids.  One of the not so great things, however, is the germs they bring home from school.  It started off with my kids being sick, and then they were so generous to give it to me.  But you know what?  I felt blessed to be able to care for them when they were not feeling well, so I will choose to deal with it.  

Being sick, took my voice.  Not so much in the voice was gone (although there were a couple of mornings), but more so that the effort of breathing and talking was too much for me to handle.  So rather than skip a week of the podcast, I decided to bring back an oldy but a goody episode.  And isn’t God so good?  He reminded me of this episode which I feel is really timely considering the time of year it is.  I mean, I don’t know about you, but as much as I love Christmas I can sometimes find my attitude in a not so great spot.  There are many times my patience is tested and emotions can get the best of me.  You too?  I hope this helps.

Here are 3 easy ways you can shift your attitude.

1.Decide how you want to show up to the world.

We all have a choice each and every day with how we will live that day.  You know most of what we do, how we show up, is habitual.  It takes a conscious effort, but you can show up differently than you have before. Think of someone you admire.  How do they show up?  Think about that person in your shoes living your day.  How would they handle the stresses that come your way?  How would they treat the people you are interacting with?  What qualities do you admire about them?  Make a list (mental or on paper) of all the things you love about them.  Pick just a couple of things that still reflect who you are that you can start doing.  It might be how they greet people, how they smile, maybe the fact that you rarely see them on their phone.  Pick a few things and implement it into your day.

2. Take some time to unpack.

Life happens.  Stress and emotion happen.  These two things seem to go hand in hand with the Christmas season, but you can choose to handle it in a way that will have the least amount of effect on you. When things get stressful or emotional, spend some quiet time with yourself to process what is going on.  Journaling is a great outlet.  I also find it helpful to seek God.  Search for your feelings or situation in a bible verse directory and see what comes up.  For example, if you are feeling overwhelmed, or betrayed, search those words.  Then open up your bible and read those passages.  Pour truth and goodness in.  Pray about it ask God to stir his words in you and in your situation.  Then journal it all out to process it.  This practice helps create clarity and it strengthens you for whatever might come your way.

3.Take on an attitude of gratitude.

We hear this all the time.  Think of the blessings in your life.  Make a gratitude list.  Really, it does help.  Everything has a flip side that we maybe just can’t see.  Maybe you are frustrated because you seem to be hitting every red light.  It can drive the best of us crazy, I know.  Take a breath and begin to think of all the things that went right.  Your car started, you have traveled safely, you are healthy enough to be going where you are going……the list goes on and on.  I also like to think of what God might be up to.  Giving the power to him.  Maybe you are hitting every red light because he is protecting you from a drunk driver up ahead.  We never know.  Next time you find yourself getting frustrated, think of all the blessings you have.