In this Episode, We are Talking About Being the Best Version of Ourselves.


We all have areas of life that we want to improve in, but have you really thought about what it means to be the best version of yourself?  It’s not about perfection or comparison, but living fully as God has intended us to.

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Want to go deeper?  Let’s go!

If you are ready to truly live into the best version of you, I am ready to help you take some steps to get there!  We are all on this journey together!

To start things off, ask yourself what the best version of yourself looks like in all areas of your life.  Now, it’s going to be different for everyone all the time.  As you are thinking about all eight areas of life (faith, marriage, family, health, career, finances, home, friends/fun) be cautious of justifications that might come up.  If you start to think what the best version of yourself would be in your career, and you catch yourself saying “yeah, but….”  that is a sign that you are justifying.  When we justify, we are giving ourselves permission to being less than our best.  Try to find a solution to your obstacles.

To help you out, here are some suggestions, tool, and resources to help you live this out in every area of life.

Let’s start with your faith….it should always come first, right?
What does the best version of yourself look like?  Again, it’s not about perfection or comparison. For me, it is being in a relationship with Jesus.  Nothing more and nothing less.  If you find that you are not as close to him as you could be, pray about it.  Seek God and ask him how you can move closer to him.  If you get an inspired thought about it, don’t push it away.  Do it!

What about your marriage?  Are you showing up as your best self?  It is easy to view our husband’s through a self-serving filter.  Remove the filter and see how you can serve him selflessly.  Maybe it is letting go of resentment, or offering forgiveness or a deeper level of respect.  What is it for you that you can do?  Truth is, the ball is always in your court to make the first move, and the second move, and the third.

Are you the best self with your family?  As a mom?  To be honest, when I was thinking about this…..I was convicted.  I have not been the best version of me in this area.  I have been a good mom, but I have let stress win way too many times.  The best version of myself is a patient mom.  There is more that I would like to be, but in the season we are in as a family, the best of me isn’t in alignment with who I want to be.  It’s about me being the best me right now……gosh, I hope that makes sense!

Next, let’s chat about your career.  It is really easy to fall into normal rhythms with our jobs.  Are you working for the Lord, or something else?  You see the Bible calls us to do all things for the Lord(Colossians 3:23New International Version (NIV) 23 Whatever you do, work at it with all your heart, as working for the Lord, not for human masters,)  Aire you?  The next day you go to work, sit quietly and pray.  Give the day to him and be the light.  Being the best version of yourself often has nothing to do with the outcome and everything to do with how you show up.

I think our health is one of the biggest ways that we can justify away from being the best version of ourselves.  For me, this one really comes back to faith.  You see, I was recently convicted of turning to food rather than God.  I was creating an idol…..replacing God’s role.  I let my self-control go.  Coming to the reality that this was a sin, has created a new desire to be the best version of myself as it comes to food.  As I give this issue to God, I am turning from my sin and healing from its destructive nature.  To help improve my health, I have partnered with a nutrition company that had helped be reach my best a year ago.  I know the products work, and the structure is perfect for letting my thoughts be on God and not food all day long.    Of course, the product line helps with weight loss, but so much more!  Being the best version of ourselves in our health has nothing to do with the scale.  It is different for everyone and that’s what I love about these products!  Want to learn more about the product line I use?  Click here to check it out.  Do you want to partner with me on this journey?  Click here to access my calendar and schedule a time where we can talk.  

How are you showing up with your finances?  We are called to be good stewards of money.  So, are you being the best version of yourself?  A former guest of our podcast, Rachel King, has a great financial Bootcamp that you may want to consider.  She is a member of the Your Life Rocks community and because she loves all of you, is offering a discount for 20% off her program.  Just email her at and tell her that you are part of the Your Life Rocks community.   

What about your home?  Are you the best version of yourself?  I think we all have dreams and goals of having a perfectly cleaned and organized home.  Again, it’s not about perfection.  It is about being the best we can be.  Maybe for you, it is not leaving a stack of papers on the kitchen counter, or enforcing the chores for the kids.  Here are two of my favorite tips for the home.  1. Do power cleaning for a workout.  Set a timer and get moving as quickly as you can to clean the house.  You can get a good sweat and clean the house at the at the same time!  Think about squatting to get clothes out of the dryer, lunges with the vacuum….ideas are endless!  2.  The rule of 20.  Before you go to bed, or get in the shower, or make dinner, pick up 20 things.  I love getting my kids involved in this as well.

Lastly, are you being the best version of you with your friends?  Jus like with your spouse, the ball is in your court.  Be the first to send the text, make the call, suggest a girl’s night out.  Offer to pray for your friend…without them asking for it.  I think we can all stand to step up our game in this area.  After all, Your Life Rocks is all about lifting each other up.  Let’s get to lifting