In this Episode, We Talk About Your Ultimate Job Description in God

The motivation for the episode came from my prayer time the other morning.  During my time of praise, I was overwhelmed by my gratitude for redemption.  The fact that God took me from my dark and damaged past, held a future for me and brought me into the light.  He does this for all of us.  I was so moved by it, that once again, I laid my life down before him.  Giving every part of who I am to him.  My prayer began to look like a job description of sorts.  The more I meditated on his word, I was lead to the content of this episode.  I hope it blesses you in some way.

As we dive into the context of the information shared in this podcast, think of this.  The topic of your “job description” in God has two parts that we dive into during this discussion.  One being the mindset and one being the action that you can take.  Normally my podcasts have clearly defined lines around the action items.  This episode is a little different as you will see that the mindset and action are all mixed together.

Here are some of the key points made around the mindset of this thought:

  • Change your perspective in which you normally think about a job description. We really only have one job in the eyes of God while we are here.

  • Think about an umbrella that covers every part of who you are. Every other part of who you are is not separate from who you are in faith but are under it. Your identity in Christ covers it all and it all reflects back up to it.

  • Start off with your big thoughts and work it down to how you show up in all the different areas of your life.

  • It is a big deal to live for God but there is also so much peace in knowing that all that other stuff on your to-do list doesn’t really matter.

Here are the things to do to explore and apply this concept to your life.  Your action items.

  • Pray about what job description God has over your life.

  • List out all the things that make up who you are. At Your Life Rocks, we talk about family, marriage, health, career, finances, home, and friends. Think about how your overall job description in God, feeds into all these other areas of life. Don’t over complicate it, it only has to be a sentence or two long.

  • Break down your job descriptions into tasks that you can do to fulfill it. When you are needing to be intentional and present, ask yourself “what is my job here?”

  • Write out your job description. Put it in a place that you will see it daily, like the ideas below

    • Write it on a post-it and put it on your day planner

    • Make it your screen saver on your phone

    • Use a dry erase marker and put it on your bathroom mirror.

    • If you are visual-find pictures that speak to you about your job description

    • If audio works better-record yourself reading it and listen to the playback as you get ready in the morning.

  • Couture will try to distract you, find a way to set this on your heart

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