Ok, so I want you to think about a juggler.  Someone at a circus, or carnival that is a master juggler.  Can you picture it?  They maybe start with two or three balls, throwing them up into the air with ease.  Keeping a strong rhythm.  Amazing enough, but then they add more balls.  Maybe someone is throwing up balls to add to the mix or maybe the juggler is adding them in themselves.  I don’t know about you, but those balls would be coming tumbling down so fast!  


This metafore is often used to paint a picture of our own lives.  You hear people say “How do you juggle it all?”  How do you keep all the balls in the air?  And just like with life, we think we are getting it down, things are going easy, we are able to juggle what we have going on and then someone throws another thing at us or WE add more to the mix.  That is when things can get really tough.  Our stress level goes up and we can get so focused on not letting a ball drop that we can loose sight of everything else.


Can you relate?


I know I can.  


But if you watch that juggler, you will notice that they have a system.  A pattern.  A process that allows them to keep it all in motion.  While live is not nearly as predictable as juggling balls, I believe the same thing can be said for life.


When you find a system, a pattern, and process that work for you, you can much more easily keep everything in motion.


So let’s talk about what that looks like.  It certainly does not sound fun, but one of my favorite quotes says, the pain of disciple is not as bad as the pain of regret.  


The pain of discipline might be waking up earlier than normal, thinking and planning ahead, having conversations that might feel uncomfortable, cooking for the week on a Sunday, putting on sneakers to workout when you would rather put on slippers.  But it’s better than that feeling deep down when you feel like you have let your kids down, or you set the same goal again for your life knowing that you didn’t do the actions that you needed to do to achieve that goal the last time.


Putting order to your life can be overwhelming when you start.  But guess what, so is everything when you start.  Think back to when you were learning to drive your car.  It probably was not smooth sailing the first time you got behind the wheel.  You had to start small with the basics.  Hopefully, you didn’t start out on the freeway.  Most likely you started out in a parking lot learning the gas pedal and the break.  Once you mastered the basics then you went out on roads.  Quiet roads, then busier roads, and as you progressed, the freeway.  It all builds on each other.


So let’s talk about how you can build these patterns and systems in your life.


  1. Start with a morning routine. You have probably heard of this before, and maybe you are already doing it. If you’re not doing it, likely you have excuses as to why it’s not for you. I say excuses lightly. I really think having the first hour of the morning for yourself is key to success but there are some instances when it might not be for everyone. I challenge you not to see yourself in the special circumstances group. Can it be hard to wake up an hour earlier? Yep. In the beginning. It gets easier and becomes automatic. That is the brilliance of a system and routine. You intentionally build it and it goes. That is what a habit does.


If you already have a morning routine, is it bringing you success?  Sometimes we have to perfect our systems.  Tighten the strings.  Everything gets loose over time.  Take a fresh look at your goals and your morning routine.  Are they aligned?  I feel so passionate about this that I created an outline to help you create your ideal morning that will bring you success.  You can get it on our show notes page 


  1. Start planning for your week ahead. This is something that I feel carries so much value that I have a course on how to effectively do it and it’s built into our Life Balance membership program. It’s not just about prepping your food. It’s being intentional about the week you want to have. Preparing for the balls that might get thrown at you and create the space for handle it all.


  1. Make the choice to drop a few balls. Make it intentional. When you get clear about the life that you want to create for yourself, it’s easier to see what contributes to that and what doesn’t. When you are clear on what your career goal is, you can choose what extra responsibilities to volunteer for and what ones to turn down. Becuase those choices are in alignment with what you want.


If you need help in getting clear on your goals for all areas of your life, and setting up a plan to achieve it, all while keeping the right balls in the air, I invite you to take a look at our membership.

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