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We Talk About Moving Through Unthinkable Loss with Mandy Boles

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Mandy Boles, Double Diamond Distributor with It Works Global. Her life motto has been when life knocks you down, you get up and fight harder. She is the mom of two (Gannon (11) Gunnar (9)). As a wife and mother right out of college, she struggled to find a career that would help financially, yet allow her to be the mom she wanted and needed to be.

Here is her story:
When I was 24, I had an opportunity for a wonderful job with a wonderful direct sales company working as a corporate employee. My job was incredible–I loved the people and I loved my company. I was offered a promotion requiring weekly travel when all our neighbors seemed to be losing their jobs in the onset of the recession. It was a financial blessing, yet a parents’ nightmare. I couldn’t imagine leaving my boys while I got on an airplane to leave for the week. I made it work and tried to do it with a positive attitude and a smile. After more promotions, five years and my husband having weekly travel, our family was suffering. My dream job offer came along with an opportunity to relocate to Bradenton, FL and start with a dream company, but that also meant proving myself all over again, and I knew the toll that it had taken on us the last 5 years, so I drew a line in the sand and took a leap of faith. I decided to go from being the bread winner and turning down a corporate offer and join the company independently as a distributor. I had preached freedom of time, be your own boss and dream big for 10 years and had not done any of those things myself. It was time. In six months, I replaced a corporate salary it took ten years to earn and had so many precious moments with my family. I was working hard to bring my husband home from the road to join me in the business when we lost our son in May in an ATV accident while at a friend’s. So many emotions and so much loss. In July, we made the decision to take another Leap of Faith to bring my husband home despite the business setback we had suffered as a result of the accident and lost focus on the business. Ultimately, we knew that family time was the most precious time.

Through it all, we have learned to love hard, live in the moment and never take anything for granted. We TRULY know how valuable time is and we have made it our mission to be able to support other families so they have that choice as well!


Tips and action item shared on the show

  1. Remember that the ultimate goal is to be reunited someday. Keep your eyes on the Lord.

  2. Stay busy. You might want to stay in bed, but you got to get up. Get showered and dressed.

  3. Do things for others and honor their memory. The week of Gannon’s passing, a family friend started a movement in his honor. People everywhere have been doing random acts of kindness in his honor. Want to take part and show your support for the Boles family? Do a random act of kindness for someone and let them know about the boy who loved to help others who lost his life in an ATV accident. Ask them to pass it along. Post to social media about it and use the hashtag #GannonsROAK. It is a great way to honor his life and send some love to his family.


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