In This Episode, We Talk About Growing In Our Faith

Obedience For Your Path

In this episode, I share two stories about God’s whispers in my life.  One I was obedient and one I was not.  God has each of us on a path to fulfill our purpose for his glory.  He will guide our steps but we have been given free will to follow his guidance or trust our own wisdom and strength.

What path does he have you on?


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Life Balance by Your Life Rocks

What is it?

Life Balance by Your Life Rocks is a membership site that is designed to help YOU live life to the fullest. It is all about time management and giving you the tools to continue to grow in all areas of your life. To not only “keep your head above water” but to walk on water. I know that feeling when you are so overwhelmed by everything going on in your life. When you feel like you are barely surviving.

I have had those same thoughts of

“I am not being the mom I should be.”

“I wish I could be a better wife.”

“There is so much more I want to do, but don’t see how I can.”

I get it. That’s why I created Your Life Rocks to begin with. Life Balance by Your Life Rocks is a solution to help with all of it.

Here is what you can expect:

This program is designed to work in 90-day sprints. It all starts with creating a clear vision for what you want your life to look like 90 days from now. Not just with your career or health, but in all areas of your life. From planning out the 90 days to monthly planning, you will stay focused on building a life that rocks. The program will give you the skills to move mountains….one week at a time.

Do you feel like you want a closer relationship with God, but find it hard to fit it in?

It’s part of the program. With weekly planning, you will pick a bible verse every week. Prayer sheets as part of your daily planning and resources to help you grow.

This program is full of many training videos to walk you through each area of planning (90 day, monthly, weekly, daily, plus more!). Workbooks, planning sheets, and checklists are provided to help you get the most out of each part of the membership.

Look, I know intentions are usually strong but life gets in the way and it can be hard to remember to do all this planning. That is why we have integrated a text system so that you will get reminders texted right to you, plus a community to help cheer you on and support you in the hard times.

If you are ready to start living intentionally and grow in all areas of your life, reach your goals, and walk with God-This is for you!

So here is the deal with the beta program.
As a beta user, you will get access to all the content, plus live calls to get your feedback and make sure that you are getting the desired results. You have first access to all the content before it is available for everyone else.

The beta users for Life Balance are precious to me. They will help me make sure that future users will have the most amazing experience. Because of this, I have a very special price on the membership.

Regular membership will be $19.00 a month or discounted to $199.00 a year when paid in full.

For our Beta users, the membership will be $19.00 for the first 90 days and the ability to get 50% off the membership after that for the first year.

Would you like to be a Beta tester for the membership? Because of the nature of the beta, I am only opening it up to 20 users. It will fill up fast!  Click here to get started!